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A Horror True Incident Once I was Alone in my House at Night

A Horror True Incident Once I was Alone in my House at Night

A Horror True Incident Once, I was Alone in my House at Night

Shah Waiz is my son. When my son was in 9th grade, he was very intelligent. One day, I had a high fever, and I was lying on the couch. While I was lying there, my husband checked my temperature. At that moment, he went to the market to buy some items. As it was nighttime, my son, Shah Waiz, sat next to me and talked to me. That day, he talked a lot.
There was no one in the house except us. Suddenly, my son walked out of the room. Now it was too late. He did not return. I was lying in bed.
Shahwaiz, Are you okay?
He didn’t reply. My head turned, and I looked outside. Shah Waiz stood behind the wall, watching me. It amazed me that he was doing such strange things while he was so intelligent. He would hide sometimes, and sometimes he would glance at me, then he would go somewhere because I was feeling poorly, so I had difficulty getting up from the bed to see where Shah Waiz was going.
I searched him all over the house, but he was nowhere to be found. When I came to the main door of the house looking for him, suddenly the bell started ringing because my husband was back, and surprisingly, Shah Waiz was with him.
I was terrified because if Shah Waiz had gone out with his father, then who was the one who was with me in the house and who talked to me a lot and was secretly watching me and then at home disappeared somewhere.
Even today, I am scared to think who he was?

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