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How Do We Deal With Emotional Aging Parents Or What Emotions Parents Feel?

How Do We Deal With Emotional Aging Parents Or What Emotions Parents Feel?

This is a true story about a children of old parents visit outside for picnic but they left parents in their home

It seems that the daughter-in-law is in the mood to eat out today; we find out that the dinner that was not cooked, the pot in the kitchen is also empty. Just look …. the daughter-in-law like a queen is now ready to go outside with children…Heyy mother…..!!! I am going outside with Arshad to design my shawl’s border. I am going with my children as well. As the car horn blared, the daughter-in-law ran outside immediately with her children, possibly with her son in the car.  Old parents said, “Well, whatever! We have blurred our eyes, bent our backs, and become white-haired”

Children of aging parents bring joy to their faces

“Now what we to say to others?”. Take a look at our son… He should ask his parents “would you like to enjoy with us” before going out to enjoy. The border design on the shawl was an excuse; I know they will go to the hotel and eat chicken Manchurian Chinese rice. During the conversation, Arshad’s mother had to open her emotions.
My wife! Oh, my dear… It is a shame that when the children grow up and the parents become old, they are embarrassed to go public with their older parents. During leisure time, they will have a meal with their family or take care of their aging parents. Arshad’s father told her the bitter truth. Arshad’s father fell asleep in the doorway, while Arshad’s mother walked around with burnt feet until Arshad returned. At 1: AM, there were some commotions, and the daughter-in-law, son, and children entered the house. The daughter-in-law heated the leather-like pizza in the oven and presented it to her old mother-in-law.


The conclusion of his story is about how children of old parents bring joy to their parents. Because of their weakness, we often leave our loved old people at home because we think they might get tired, their health might not improve along the way, and the weather might not be suitable for them.
So often our older loved got angry with us because we left them in our homes. We should set one day for our elderly parents to be taken out.

How Do We Deal With Emotional Aging Parents Or What Emotions Parents Feel?

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