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Maryam Was In Situ But Later Diagnosed With Severe Carcinoma

Maryam Was In Situ But Later Diagnosed With Severe Carcinoma

This is the true story of Maryam, who was undoubtedly a beautiful girl but was very shy as well as gorgeous. She got married when she was young …. She was very happy with her husband and then she had children, now Maryam had turned into a credible woman and was very busy training her children.
Nowadays, She had been suffering from chest pain for some time but she did not pay any attention and continued laughing and smiling in her life.
Whenever she was in pain, she would feel that there was a lump in his chest, which made her feel like a weight.
She would always take painkillers and think that she would show the doctor what kind of disease she had.
But Maryam had no idea that this pain could be so harmful to her … and at the same time, she was so shy that she couldn’t even mention to anyone that her chest hurts and feels the weight too.

Where was her husband?

Her husband worked in another country, although she lived with her children, even she could not tell her husband about her pain. Once Maryam’s husband came to Maryam’s home several months later. Maryam mentioned her problem to her husband. Her husband took h to her spiritual healer, who read a few words in his own mouth and Blowing air from his mouth to Maryam’s face.
The healers do not have any advanced technology that can detect the disease. The person who heals the spirit also read something Maryam and did not know the exact disease.
Maryam’s children had grown up, Maryam was feeling very weak day by day and the lump in her chest was now starting to ache more.

What did the doctors’ concerns about Maryam was in situ but later diagnosed with severe carcinoma?

Maryam’s children took Maryam to the doctor groaning in pain.  The doctor said it is too late now Maryam is near to die ….. why didn’t you bring her to the doctor first?. The doctor said to her family. The lump on the right side of Maryam’s chest is a cancer lump called breast cancer, that has spread its cells all over her body, making her completely cancerous. Now it is impossible to cure Maryam.
The first cells of cancer are developed in one place called cancer in situ. which is cancerous or noncancerous, defined by a doctor. The disease can turn into dangerous carcinoma after these tissues develop more.
Nothing can happen in the last stage and Maryam is in the last stage of carcinoma at the moment.
It is best for health,  not to ignore the onset of pain and to consult a good doctor immediately who can cure the disease at the place where it starts.
Otherwise, the disease progresses due to the fact that the disease is not diagnosed by giving a treatment by blowing the air from the mouth same as spiritual treatment.

Maryam Was In Situ But Later Diagnosed With Severe Carcinoma


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