Pro Points Highlighted: Planting Without Soil in Any Situation

Very small seeds

Concerns surrounding seed germination arise when individuals plant seeds. When we plant a very small seed, such a pepper, tomato, eggplant, etc., the problem gets worse. When we plant eggplants, tomatoes, or peppers, most of the time, very few or no seedlings grow, or perhaps none at all.

How will very small seeds and big seeds grow?

Today I will show you a method for growing seeds without soil. When the seed sprouts, it needs to be planted in the soil. Now, whatever seed you place in the earth will grow 100%. It is luck by chance. Your difficulties will be over.
Another advantage of this method is that it allows you to produce both little and large seeds. However, most large seeds germinate quickly when grown in soil, thus it is preferable to grow large seeds in soil and germinate small seeds in the manner described in this article before planting them in soil.

Seedling without soil

How do grow seeds without soil?

All you need to do is take a tissue paper piece and fold it in half on both sides. Twice fold it: from left to right and from top to bottom. It is now necessary for you to take the little seeds you wish to sow without soil. For instance, consider tomato seeds. Place the tomato seeds on a piece of tissue paper. They do not all have to be positioned close together at once. Fold that tissue paper once more, this time from right to left. Now, soak that tissue paper thoroughly with water. When you wet the tissue paper, you must use a plastic zipper bag. Which is sealed from above. It is impermeable to both air and moisture. If you can not find the correct plastic zipper bag, use a regular plastic bag and insert moist tissue paper inside. This should be done promptly so that the tissue paper does not dry out. Tightly knot the plastic bag after inserting the tissue paper inside. It is important to tie the knot so that air or moisture cannot enter or exit.
Store this plastic bag in your home’s warmest location. However, take care not to put this plastic bag in the direct sun. It can be stored in a storeroom, a drawer, or a naturally warm area. Two days from now, you have to open the plastic bag and see those seeds.

What to do after rooting?

Remove the root seed and plant it in the soil if any of them have a seedling that is not in the ground. However, you must take great care to avoid breaking the seed’s root. Whether you replace the tissue in the shopper or not will not matter if your seed does not take root. And examine it each day. Your seeds will start to sprout in about a week, or maybe longer.
Once the roots are visible, plant it in soft, well-fertilized soil that receives the right amount of water and attention. The plant will grow larger, its roots will spread farther, and its leaves will emerge.

How do we grow seeds without soil?

Is the sun essential for plants?

Good seeds, soil, water, and fertilizer are just a few of the many elements we need to consider when gardening. But at the same time, we overlook the sun, which is among the most significant elements.
A certain quantity of sunlight is crucial for plants. There is a noticeable difference in our plants’ growth if they receive five or six hours of sun per day.

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