Umer’s Confidence as a Writer Increased with the Help of his Illiterate Mother

My self is Umer. This was such a long time ago, when I was only six. I developed a fascination with story writing when I was six years old. I wrote an instructional story for kids because of this pastime, but it was not so great. However, I had a deeper understanding of the story than a six-year-old because I was a small child.

I was rather pleased with my debut effort. I told my father that story. My father remarked while laughing. This is not something you can write; only really intelligent people can. while you are still a young child of six years old. And you wrote a witty joke in the story’s title when you were six years old. My dad was a big laugher.

I then showed my older brother my written narrative and told him, “Look, brother, I wrote the story.” My brother likewise spoke in jest and laughed a lot. Oh! Whoa, what a future writer. First, learn how to write.

At six years old, I was depressed. I then showed my mother the story and told her, “Look, mother, I tried to write the story.” With great happiness, my mother watched the entire narrative as if she had read it from start to finish. Then she handed the story to me, tenderly flipping it over. My six-year-old kid wrote an excellent narrative. I know my son will become a fantastic writer.

My mother gave me chocolate and told me this to cheer me up. She told me, “My beloved Umar, if you keep writing like this, you will be a very good writer in the future.” You never give up on your love of writing, Umar, even when others make fun of you. However, persist in your efforts.

My mother lovingly kept my first write-up in a file. After that, I grew older as the years went by, then when I turned eighteen, I had become a good writer. Because of my mother’s encouragement, I never stopped trying to write. Instead, it was written and written. Because my mother has handled every single story of mine and kept it in a file. And my mother sees every story written by me as if she is reading it again and again.

At the age of eighteen, I am now a good writer.
At the age of 18, I came to know one thing about my mother and that is that my mother is illiterate, she does not know how to read and write. It was a matter of great surprise to me that my mother could not read. But she looked at every article I wrote as if she was reading it very carefully. I am a good writer now and I always admire my mother because she always encouraged me. And I didn’t get discouraged. Now my father and my elder brother also admire me and are ashamed of their past behavior.

Written by Fozia Siraj

Fozia Siraj

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