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Stunning Granny’s Loneliness With Her Mirror And Charming Smiles Family

A True Story

There was too much happiness behind the mirror for me. I feel loneliness but I have a stunning mirror with my charming family.

Behind the mirror, it saw too much happiness. I feel lonely, but my charming family is in a stunning mirror. Behind the mirror was my life. As soon as I opened the door, I loved it.  In the mirror, I was overcome with joy and happiness because behind the glass I saw my lovelies. With the press of the start button, I saw my lovelies shine. The square box with mirror glass did not have a name to me, but I called it a square box.

Sitting in front of the glass filled my heart with many emotions, and slowly the room also became as bright as stars, but unfortunately, sometimes I felt sad and alone when I closed the square door and turned toward it. But today the glass wouldn’t function properly and I was annoyed, so I called the helper to repair my square glass. I missed the faces behind the glass, who brought me charm in my life. As soon as the helper had repaired the glass, he turned his face towards a 95-year-old white-haired woman with a wrinkled face, for wanting to tell her that her laptop was successfully repaired; however, granny died of heart failure.

I was 95 years old, dead, I lived alone because my children were off to their own new homes, like birds. Although I did not know about the laptop, I knew what the mirror glass with the square door looked like. When my children opened it, they chatted with me, made a video call for me, but now I died in isolation.

Stunning Granny’s Loneliness With Her Mirror And Charming Smiles Family

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