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Stunning Granny’s Loneliness With Her Mirror And Charming Smiles Family

Stunning Granny’s Loneliness With Her Mirror And Charming Smiles Family

A True Story

There was too much happiness behind the mirror for me. I feel lonely, but I have a stunning mirror with my charming family.

Behind the mirror, it saw too much happiness. I feel lonely, but my charming family is in a stunning mirror. Behind the mirror was my life. As soon as I opened the door, I loved it.  In the mirror, I was overcome with joy and happiness because, behind the glass, I saw my lovelies. With the press of the start button, I saw my lovelies shine. The square box with mirror glass did not have a name for me, but I called it a square box.

Sitting in front of the glass filled my heart with many emotions, and slowly the room also became as bright as stars, but unfortunately, sometimes I felt sad and alone when I closed the square door and turned toward it. But today the glass wouldn’t function properly and I was annoyed, so I called the helper to repair my square glass. I missed the faces behind the glass, who brought me charm in my life. As soon as the helper had repaired the glass, he turned his face towards a 95-year-old white-haired woman with a wrinkled face, for wanting to tell her that her laptop had been successfully repaired; however, granny died of heart failure.

Summary of The Story

My grandmother was previously noted as being quite happy among all of her children. She has four boys and three daughters. There was so much commotion in her home that he had to shout and communicate. Every day, the television is turned on, and music plays.
My grandma used to devote her entire day to her children’s work. My grandmother had a deep affection for her children. Children went from school to college and then grew up. And moved to other cities for jobs. My grandma misses her three daughters, who are married and living in distant locations.
My grandma now owns a laptop since she is alone at home with her elderly mother and misses her children during the day. By accessing it, she is able to video chat with her children all day. She is delighted to see her children on the laptop screen.
My grandmother’s room is dreary until she puts on her laptop. When my grandmother switches on the laptop, gladness dances around her apartment. One day, the laptop stopped working. My grandmother asked a boy to mend the laptop. After the laptop was repaired, my grandmother sat in the chair and waited. It appeared that she was sleeping, but she was not; she had died.
Even today, grandmother’s children make video calls on the laptop, but their grandmother’s contact number has been silenced forever.

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