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The Argument Between a Flower & Fragrance a Sweet Tale

The Argument Between a Flower & Fragrance a Sweet Tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful garden with various colors of flowers, and a large number of floral blossoms were strewn around with a lovely scent. A red rose bloomed on one side of the yard, filling the air with aroma. The aromatic air blew through the garden, and suddenly the red rose spoke to the fragrance.

If I had not been, you would not have been either, because you are coming out of mine and spreading yourselves throughout the surroundings.

The scent became furious and stated.

Dear Crimson Rose, people adore you because of me. They love you because of my beautiful scent. If my perfume was not present, no one would want to touch you due to your sharp thorn, and everyone would avoid you.

The red rose heard and became agitated as well.

A yellow butterfly sitting on the sunflower heard the conflict between the flower and fragrance from a distance. When the butterfly approaches, close the flower and fragrance.”

Listen to me, “Without each other, you are nothing.”.  Fragrance, please listen. Your aroma will spread through the air if a red rose can’t hold you.
And listen to me, my lovely red rose. People love you because of the sweet scent. Rather than this sweet aroma, it would have been a bad one.

Without smells, keep people away from you. A red rose has agreed that people are attracted to its sweet aroma because they love it. The fragrance also thanked the red flower for not dissolving in the air, and for retaining its fragrance. Also, the yellow butterfly became happy and flew out to another flower.

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