Warmth Epistle for Olivia My Better Half Clearly After Reading Force Her Shed Tears

Love Letter For Her That Make Her Cry

Love Letter for My Wife Obviously After Reading That Make Her Cry

How are you?

Your memory’s clouds have fallen heavily on my heart. I have been really sad since this morning. I feel as if I am broken without you. Nowadays, there is no sense of morning and evening in my thoughts; I have no consciousness in my mind. I cannot think on my own; your memories prevent me from doing my work. My house feels empty without you.

The birds in the cage seem to be calling to you every day, and you cannot even recall how much love you once gave them. They are actually chatting away. However, how are birds able to forget who owns them? You will undoubtedly get voices from them.

Day after night, I saw your pillow on my bed before I fell asleep. Seeing your seat next to me on the bed makes me feel as if you have just awoken and will return soon. Your bed and pillow are smelling like your perfume. My lovely wife, you are not here, yet your fragrance can be smelled in my chamber and bed.

My dear wife, I would like you to read this letter from my heart and forgive all my mistakes. Every beat of my heart is beating on your name. The strings of my heart and soul are connected with your existence.
If you do not come even after reading my letter, I will come to pick you up myself. And I will also bring your bird cage with me. May you forget all the resentment by looking at your birds.

Additionally, since I am aware of how much my wife enjoys sour mango candies, I will definitely buy your favorite mango candies as well. I hope that after tasting the taste of mango candies, you will gaze at me with love.
While writing this letter to you, my tears are flowing down my cheeks.
I hope my dear wife will read my letter.
your husband

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