By the Experiance of Aslam Reasonable Cost of Clothing per Month for 1 Person

Average monthly cost of clothing for one person

Since Aslam puts a lot of effort into his profession and receives a fair wage from his employer, he should be able to acquire enough clothes. Since Aslam is the only person who pays for his costs since he lives alone, he is curious about how much money he can spend each month on clothing.

With consideration, Aslam opens his closet to see which sparklingly gorgeous and flattering items fit him best. He wants to maintain a cover over all of these clothes to keep them safe. Since he can not wear these clothing in his daily life, but he wants to wear them to parties in the future. He has worn them to many parties in the past. Aslam owns two exquisite sets of garments, and these elegant two outfits are sufficient for Aslam to wear for an entire month. Two suits are necessary so that one can be taken out and worn in the event of an accident, stain, or rip.

Aslam has certain outfits in his wardrobe that he may wear out that are basic, respectable, and well-made with impeccable stitching. For instance, if Aslam needs to go to the market, work, or have dinner with a buddy. Aslam is prepared with four sets of these outfits.

Even though Aslam might have some clothes in his closet that are in good shape but not destroyed, such items cannot be worn to household work if the shirt and pants do not match or the clothing is of bad quality. At home, Aslam might wear these garments to wash clothing or cook in case they are soiled by cooking oil or the color of spices. Aslam is considering wearing these clothing while he stays at home rather than throwing them away.

Generally people spend money on clothes irrespective of whether their income is high or low. The average monthly cost of clothing for a person can vary widely depending on individual spending habits, geographic location and personal preferences. If a person earns more money in a month, he may prefer not to wear expensive and branded clothes. On the other hand, a low income person prefers to wear good and branded clothes despite his low income. Hobbies can also contribute to the need to wear less and more clothes.


Aslam has a fancy two-piece suit that costs $156. While there are four simple suits that he can wear to go to job or visit to a restaurant. The total price of these four suits is $48. And the suits that are worn at home. Because they are old, it is better not to determine their value. The total cost of the Aslam’s clothes is $204.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Survey of Consumer Expenditures, the average household in the United States spends about $1,866 a year on clothing and related services, which translates to about $156 a month. However, this figure includes spending on items such as shoes, jewelery and watches as well as clothing.

A person’s actual monthly clothing expenses will depend on factors such as their income, lifestyle and shopping habits. Some people can spend as little as $204 a month on clothes, while others can spend a lot more. It’s worth noting that buying second-hand clothes or shopping during sales can significantly reduce clothing costs.

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or wear expensive brand clothes, and a person can look stylish even without spending a lot of money on clothes.

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