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How To Made Homemade Food Kitty or Boiled Chicken For Cat?

How To Made Homemade Food Kitty or Boiled Chicken For Cat?

Homemade Cat Food Recipes Vet Approved

The homemade cat diet implies that instead of buying packaged containers of cat sustenance from the market, we prepare homemade food for our cats and nourish it at home. But, why do we prefer to make kitty food at home while the market provides enough food for cats? So, there are two cases. Few people find cat food costly, so they strive to save money by making cat food at home. And the other reason is that some people know that dry food includes chemicals and carbohydrates. It also consists of preservatives to keep the food in dry form for a long time.

And slowly, it works as a stagnant poison for cats. Eating these foods after a few years can lead to dehydration or liver disorder in cats. Therefore, some people use only homemade cat food recipes, and it’s beneficial to lengthen their cats’ lives and keep them healthy and active. For example, if we look at ourselves and eat clean, homemade food, our fitness will be better, whereas if we eat market food in the same way, our health will worsen day by day. Some people made cat food at home with struggle, but their cats don’t eat that food because of the unpleasant taste.

So, nature has elected for animals to be meat for eating. And that is chicken, mutton or beef; all these are very suitable for cats. Meat is a fundamental part of 70–80% of cat food. If carbohydrates are in large quantity in cat food instead of meat, such as rice or potatoes, these carbohydrates will be harmful to cats. So, always add meat and carbohydrates in sufficient ratio. Let’s make cat food at home. We first have to understand which portion of the meat is also beneficial for the cat. Then, we will take chicken meat and beef liver.

Is boiled chicken good for cat?

My cat’s name is Fozia. Sometimes I purchase ready-made cat food for Febi, but she had stomach issues, so the vet advised her to switch to boiled chicken. Now Febi has become a fan of boiled chicken. Febi liked to bounce and play joyfully after meals, indicating that she really enjoyed eating boiling chicken and was healthy. Febi then gave birth to five kids. While Febi used to eat boiling chicken with enthusiasm, her five children have now followed her mother, and their health improved. The chicken is soft and appetising for the cat after being cooked. Usually, the cat can eat the cooked chicken multiple times per day. A homemade cat food can also be made by boiling some ingredients in chicken or other meat. In this article, we discuss a unique recipe for cat food.

How To Made Homemade Food Kitty or Boiled Chicken For Cat?

Homemade Food Kitty or Boiled Chicken For Cat

Homemade Food Kitty or Boiled Chicken For Cat


  1. chicken meat: 750 grams
  2. Cow’s liver, 250 grams
  3. Potatoes are small in size. One
  4. Rice, 100 grams
  5. First, chop the beef liver and chicken in a grinder machine and combine them.
  6. Please take out the minced meat in a saucepan, mix two cups of water in it, and boil it for 10 to 12 minutes.
  7. In a separate saucepan, boil potatoes and rice, going both in a grinder machine entirely, and make it into a delicate paste-like cream.
  8. Now strain the minced boiled meat in a bowl with a strainer, and put the minced stock in a separate bowl.
  9. And mix all the paste that is made to cook the rice and potatoes with this minced meat.
  10. Adding stock later makes the food taste better for the cat.
  11. You can also put it all in one packet or make small packets.
  12. It is nice to maintain small, airtight plastic zipper packets so that you can take them out and feed them to the cats easily.

This cat food stays in the ice part of the fridge for three to four months, but if you keep it without ice, it will last for two days. Remember, if you feed this food to the dog, he or she may suffer sickness and diarrhea after eating cat food.

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