The Stunning Arrogant Goldie Sparrow The Kids Story

There once was a large flock of birds that lived in the forest on a tree. On one tree, numerous birds had built nests. It was morning and evening when the birds were chirping. There was a very pretty sparrow among these birds. It was quite lovely with the golden, blue, and yellow hues. This lovely bird was called Goldie. Her small offspring also resided in the Goldie’s nest. Goldie Sparrow cherished her offspring dearly. due to Goldie Sparrow’s exquisite beauty.

Goldie sparrow grew quite proud of her attractiveness. All of the birds were sitting on the tree, chatting among themselves, but the gorgeous Goldie sparrow remained silent. Because she was extremely proud of her attractiveness. Goldie sparrow went out in the morning to find food for her young chicks and soared far. Goldie had gone so far that she had lost her bearings. By the evening, the Goldie was quite concerned since she had missed her way to the forest, where she resided with the other birds in a separate nest on a tree with her young offspring.

Suddenly, a cheeky youngster boy had arrived for a stroll in the garden where the Goldie was relaxing. The boy quickly caught the adorable sparrow in his fist after spotting it. Not even did the Goldie sparrow get a chance to take flight. After reaching the cheeky youngster to his house, he put the Goldie sparrow in a cage. The Goldie sparrow wept copiously. Still, the cheeky youngster was playing with the Goldie sparrow. Last but not least, the naughty kid painted the Goldie sparrow’s exquisite wings black. “You look like a crow now that I made you one,” he said to Goldi. When Goldi looked in the mirror, the mischievous child displayed her image. Goldie sparrow became afraid of herself after realizing she was no longer gorgeous.

Goldie sparrow began to sob and scream. Goldie sparrow was also missing her little, starving children too. The parents of the mischievous youngster severely reprimanded their offending child, unlocked the cage, liberated the Goldie sparrow, and told their mischievous child that “we should never kill animals or birds.” Love is the best way for us to become friends.It was nighttime when the Goldi sparrow was released from its prison. Goldie sat on a lofty tree for the duration of the night. since the night was dark and she was unable to find her way.

The Goldie sparrow had lost all of its pride. She screamed and begged Allah to keep her and her little chicks safe. The sparrow saw that a light rain had begun as soon as daylight arrived. As soon as the showers landed on the Goldie’s wings, the black hue on the sparrow’s wings was washed away, and the bird regained its beauty. Goldie, the sparrow, was quite thrilled.

The Goldie sparrow immediately flew away, and while soaring, she noticed its own forest. The Goldie sparrow was quite pleased. She flew rapidly to her nest in the tree, where her small chicks waited for her. Goldie sparrow chicks were overjoyed to see their mother. Goldie’s chicks informed Goldie that they were fed by crows and pigeons, and that the green parrot stayed with them at night so that the chicks would not be terrified. Goldie sparrow apologized to all of the birds on the tree for her actions, vowing she would never be proud again. Goldie also praised the crow pigeon and the green parrot for looking after Goldi sparrow’s brood while she was away. If these birds did not care for the Goldie chicks, they would starve to death. Goldie sparrow promised herself that she would never be proud.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is to not become arrogant. You should also speak politely to everyone. Additionally, you should not hurt defenseless animals or birds. We ought to support one another during every trying moment.

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