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How to make a Blog on Google Sites?

Blogging with WordPress

Our discussion is how to make a blog on Google sites?. Suppose you want to earn money by blogging or think about making money from blogs. Firstly, you have to buy your online property called a domain afterward, where to store this property on the internet; this is called a server; the place where the server keeps your online property is called hosting. After bought both, you have to connect both two.

How do we start writing after connected domain and hosting?

You can control the hosting by login into its C-panel. C-Panel is the place that will keep your entire blog website organized, or if there is an error in the website, you can fix it by login into C-Panel.
You can install WordPress by C-Panel. Once you have logged in and installed WordPress from C-Panel, you can now design your website on WordPress with the help of different beautiful themes; Create pages as well; set up your own business up to here.

How can I make money through blogging?

Once you have written valuable online content, now you can place various advertisements on your website, which will be the best source of income for you. Several companies offer advertising services. You can place their ads code on your website to generate revenue. You should bring colossal traffic; for this concern, you need to learn SEO. Now the question comes to mind.

How to make a blog on Google sites and can do a good SEO?

SEO is the unique setting of your website; various search engines can easily access your website. When users search queries or keywords in search bar related to their own needs, search engines display thousands of results, but your website’s information is top by resulting from the unique SEO method. If leading the way of good SEO, your website will reach more and more Internet users.

Can you do a good SEO of your website?

Yes, you can. Learn an online SEO course and set up your website, or you can hire someone to do the SEO for your website. This method website will be recognized by various search engines and reach as many users as possible. The advantage of this is that the more people visit your website, the more they will see the ads and click. By clicking on them, you will get smart revenue, which will increase your income as well. It is better to do SEO yourself as it is an ongoing process, not a one-time process so that you can get your website in a ranking position when you need it.

Will I start earning money as soon as when I create a website?

Creating a website and generating smart revenue doesn’t immediately process; it takes some time for your blog links to be adequately indexed in various search engines. You have to keep patients in this field. Creating a blog or creating a website and jot down on it daily is such a long time that you have to work hard for many months because, in this job, you don’t get paid immediately, but you have to work hard for a whole year.
It takes a long time for a website link to be indexed and ranked on search engines. Once they are ranked, people will come to your site more and more. They will read your article, and if they read it, they will click on an ad. If you do, you will earn income.
Some people are disappointed and sell their websites to others because they don’t have patience. They thought after work on the website; earnings start immediately.

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