In Fish Tank My Tiny Fish Soni’s Eye Got Swelled I Gained a Knowledge all Blind Fishes

There are a variety of fish in my fish tank, both large and small, and different colors. The fish were all fine two days ago. However, I now realize that a small fish named Soni. Her eye is enlarged. What is causing the swelling?

Not sure. However, I have kept the little fish Soni apart so that, in the incident that there is an illness, the other fish in my aquarium will not get sick. I have learned a lot about fish eye disease after conducting a ton of studies. After obtaining understanding, I recognized it was not an illness. Actually, fish fight each other. As a result, the little fish’s eye became swollen.


I Gained knowledge of all Blind Fishes

Can Fish Get Cataracts?

A lot of individuals fill their aquariums with exquisite fish collections. Their colors and species vary, and we must provide clean water, food, light, and oxygen for them. Occasionally, fish purchasers claim that after acquiring certain species of fish, their eyes vanished in the aquarium.

What causes the fish to go blind?

Fish in aquariums will battle with one another; when the largest and strongest fish hits a weaker fish, the weaker fish loses its eyes. Fish blindness can result from a variety of disorders and traumas.

What kinds of illnesses and symptoms affect fish that are blind?

The affected fish’s eye normally displays any of the following symptoms as a result:

  • swollen
  • Increasing in size, like popping eye
  • blood in a fish’s eye
  • Ulceration is a condition in which the fishes skin becomes imperfect
  • Parasites in the eyes
  • Abnormality in eyes

How can we check a fish’s eyes?

Typically, a penlight or torch is used to examine a fish’s eye. These help identify whether the problem is inside the eye or in the vicinity. Fish often sustain eye damage during shipment. On the other hand, diseases or accidents are typically the cause of blood in the eyes.

What kind of eye diseases are common in fishes?

Fish are tolerant to various eye conditions. The most prevalent eye conditions are listed below.

Gas Bubble Disease

Tiny gas bubbles in the cornea, the thin transparent membrane covering the eyes, are the source of it. On the other hand, fish fins and gills may develop microscopic bubbles. Gill biopsies are usually used to diagnose gas bubble illnesses. After inspecting the fish, the veterinarian will advise on its care.


The cataract causes the eyes to become cloudy. Cataracts can damage fish as well as humans. Cataracts can develop due to a number of causes. These consist of bacterial infections, inadequate diets, and unidentified causes.

Eye flukes

Eye flukes are bacterial parasites that frequently infect wild fish. Fish with infection exhibit swollen, clouded eyes that occasionally include microscopic worms. When the parasite enters the eye, it causes the fish to become blind in the affected eye and may even cause cataracts.

What happens after the fish’s eyes disappear or can blind fish survive in an aquarium?

If fish can tolerate the discomfort, they can survive even after losing their eyes, but if they are weak and unwell, they will pass away quickly.

What should we keep in mind when buying any kind of fish?

Never forget to mention to the vendor how many generations of fish you have. Which kind of fish should you acquire, and whether they will survive well with the ones you already have? After the debate is over, go purchase some fish.

Can fish eyes disappear naturally?

Natural cloudiness occurs in the eyes of fish due to unpurified water. This leads to fish having blurry and faded eyes. One of the major sources of infection is parasites. It is quite common for aquarium fish to develop cataracts due to the poor precipitation quality in the water, particularly when the pH grade in the aquarium liquid falls very low.

How can having a fish as a pet affect our health?

In addition to reducing stress, fishkeeping also improves behavior and eating habits. Watching fish in the aquarium or a fish tank can help one feel calm. Observing aquarium fish with bright colors is another fascinating fact. Alzheimer’s disease has reduced discipline behaviors and an enlarged appetite.

What kind of blind fish are present in the ocean?

We discussed why my fish look blind in aquariums and whether blind fish can survive? However, we also concern all aquatic fishes with vision impairments. A natural blind fish can also be born blind or can turn into a blind fish through mutation, not due to a disease. Fish became blind as a result of continuous mutations. An example of the converted evolution of unconnected species all over the world that was unconventionally developed in this trait. Let’s examine the different categories of blind fish.

Southern Cavefish

Southern cavefish are blind and deaf. Maybe it’s the sound of noises or loud echo-sounds. During the research, scientists found that the loudest sounds in the caves were high-pitched. The Southern Cavefish may have evolved to tune out these unessential sounds.

Somalian cavefish

It’s proven by the researcher that blind fishes actually don’t need eyes. In an experiment, that was held by a researcher, there was food stored with six sticks for a blind fish in the seawater. Researchers discover unsighted fishes can observe a bundle of six sticks so easily.

Tinaja Cavefish

Tinaja Cavefish require to sleep for two hours a day, but their surface relatives sleep ten hours continuously. When interacting with the surface occupant, they keep their eyes closed and fall asleep more often. This analysis showed that eyesight is the dominant attribute in these fish.

Hoosier Cavefish

A recently discovered cavefish species has been renamed after the Indiana University Hoosiers. Though the university is the birthplace of modern ichthyology, or the study of fish, it is still an odd distinction. After all, these species are different from most fish in that they are blind and their anus is near their head.

Mexican cavefish

The Mexican Cavefish is a blind fish species that is normally found in freshwater caves. Surface species occupants need eyes to survive, but if they migrate to the caves, their eyes are no longer obligatory but can feel their surroundings by suction with their maw. Blind fish usually feel the pressure, when waves bounce back, and also detect a sense of distance, which is similar to echo sound, Dolphins and bats also detect things by the waves of echosounder.

What can kill a fish in Aquarium?

Ammonia and nitrite are common problems that you might come across while looking after an aquarium and both can harm your fish. A number of aspects can lead to ammonia, such as fish waste, surplus food deteriorating at the underside of the tank, and lifeless fish not being discarded rapidly.

Why do people love to keep fish in their houses or in aquariums?

Nowadays, fish are the third most popular pet after dogs and cats. So the question raised to our mind is: why fish such a favored choice for us as pets?. Fish are a silent marine creature that floats in the aquarium with beautiful colors, and if this beautifully decorated aquarium is present in our room, we do not feel lonely, but we feel a quiet, colorful friend.

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