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How My Budgies love Me And Sit On My Shoulder Without Hesitation?

How My Budgies love Me And Sit On My Shoulder Without Hesitation?

Parakeet on shoulder

This is the true story of Waqar Siddiqui who is Pakistani and the true birds’ lover 

How My Budgies love Me And Sit On My Shoulder Without Hesitation?


As a child, I was fascinated by parrots. A parrot cage was on my roof called an aviary. Several clay pots hung inside this cage. It was very large. When I went to the market, I would buy pairs of different types of parrots and keep them in a bird aviary with fresh food and water. Sometimes I would sit inside this cage of parrots and look at them lovingly, but the parrots would cling to the cage’s net out of fear and never approach me with love. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I was subjected to this behavior.

Suddenly, the parrots all began loving me, jumping on my shoulders and sitting on top of my head, while playing with me. Despite all the love and friendship, there is an incident lurking in the background.

Which incident lurking in the background how my budgies love me and sit on my shoulder without hesitation?

How My Budgies love Me And Sit On My Shoulder Without Hesitation?

One day, I went to the market and saw a bird seller with two parrots. Both parrots looked sluggish and were budgies. It seemed that one parrot was a bit sluggish, and another appeared to be sick and sitting weakly. I felt so sorry for it as well as loving it. After I bought the two parrots and brought them home, I fed them properly, and then I left them in the cage when they stood up. One of the parrots flew away slowly. In the meantime, while the other, much weaker and sicker parrot lay in its place, not even able to eat and drink. As a means of protecting him from a group of powerful and quarrelsome budgies, I removed the weak budgie from its cage and put it in my bedroom. In spite of putting food in front of the weak parrot repeatedly, it did not eat, but when its beak touched the food, it began to eat… Then I realized it’s a blind parrot. He was therefore unable to fly or eat by himself. I named this cute weak parrot ‘Muna’.

How My Budgies love Me And Sit On My Shoulder Without Hesitation?
Muna began to love me very much now. I used to have him constantly riding on my shoulders … My blind budgie sleeps on my bed regularly… I watched Muna’s health slowly improve when I started feeding him myself. I now carry Muna on my shoulder whenever I go to the parrot cage. They would think that this is a good man on whom they can rest, once they saw Muna, then they really appalled to see me. This man is not bothering him at all as they sit on. After that, the other parrots slowly began to approach me until they became my best friends. In the cage, I sit on a chair, budgies come to me like they’re flying away. Some sit on my shoulder, my hair gets also scattered when they climb on my head. While sitting on my shoulder, some parrots rub their beaks on my ear. And all the credit for this love and friendship goes to Munna. Having established a friendship with me. Following that, all of the budgies came over to me and began a friendship.

They were the same birds that had not approached me for many years and had been scared of me for many years.

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