Jet Shaggy Bunny and his Family Lived with Suzanne and George a Kid Story

A Kids Story 

There was once an elderly couple who owned a home. They bought a male and female rabbit pair. The elderly woman’s name was Suzanne, whereas the elderly man’s name was George. These rabbits were lovingly cared for in a nice home. Aunt Suzanne discovered that the bunnies had gone missing when she looked into their house the next day.

Oh dear, where are they?
Aunt Suzanne then put the spectacles on her eyes. She found a deep hole in the rabbit house. So the rabbits dug a hole and sat within it. Aunt Suzanne laughed as she entered the house. In truth, gorgeous rabbits have a propensity of digging large holes in the earth and residing there. They then went underground to build their home, one named Gochoo Rabbit and his wife, Bibi Rabbit.
Gochoo Rabbit excavated a tunnel underground and built quarters on either side. Following his emergence from the ground, he decorated every chamber with grass and flowers. Spreading the aroma of jasmine blooms. Sometime afterward, Gochoo Rabbit and Bibi Rabbit welcomed eight beautiful offspring into their family, raising them in exquisite underground apartments until, as they grew older and began to jump, they began to run and arrived at their modest ground-level home.When Aunt Suzanne arrived one day, there were many adorable newborn bunnies to be seen within the rabbit house that Aunt Suzanne had made herself. They were happy. Just when they were about to embrace and show them affection, the kids fled back to their underground burrow.

Jet Shaggy Bunny and his Family Lived with Suzanne and George a Kid Story

With time, the small bunnies got larger. Every other bunny had a pale, cottony tint similar to white. The only rabbit with black coloration named Jet Shaggy bunny. Because they are all pale and are afraid of Shaggy’s black coloring, Shaggy’s siblings run away and hide behind their parents. The baby bunnies’ parents used to tell them to adore their black brother. who, although having jet black fur, is truly kind-hearted. His pale siblings feared Shaggy.

Subsequently, Corona began to be consumed nationwide. The lockdown kept everyone inside their houses. The Corona outbreak had spread everywhere, so uncle George and aunt Suzanne stayed inside the house as well. There was nothing to eat at home during these days. When uncle George went to the market, all the shops were closed. Uncle George returned home hungry. “Since rabbit is just as edible as chicken, beef, or mutton, we should chop it and prepare its curry.” Aunt Suzanne made a recommendation.

Thus, uncle George and aunt Suzanne caught a Gochoo rabbit, the father of all the rabbit cubs, and took it outside to cut with a knife. Their babies, all of the white bunnies, began to wail. Tearful, the jet Shaggy bunny ran to uncle George. Leave my father alone; I will bring you something to eat.

Jet Shaggy Bunny and his Family Lived with Suzanne and George a Kid Story

“Hunger caused me to eat your father,” uncle George murmured, releasing the bunnies’ father from his grasp. Black Shaggy bunny finally put a sack over his shoulder and proceeded to get food for aunt Suzanne and uncle George. He visited the market and looked at every store, but they were all closed.

Afterwards, the Jet black Shaggy bunny entered the woodland, dug out the carrots that were hidden there, and packed them into his carry-all. He also gathered the berries that had fallen on the ground as well. Fruit and veggies were added to the bag by the Shaggy rabbit. He then gave it to aunt Suzanne and uncle George. That day, aunt Suzanne was ecstatic. Aunt Suzanne and uncle George enjoy salsa with radish. Aunt Suzanne and uncle George finished their meal with carrot juice and berries. Shaggy bunny fed some berries to their parents and siblings who were white, so everyone was happy to eat.

Jet Shaggy Bunny and his Family Lived with Suzanne and George a Kid Story

Afterward, for the duration of the nation’s lockdown. Jet Shaggy bunny continued to provide aunt Suzanne and uncle George with food. Together, they had a meal. Uncle George and aunt Suzanne went back to the market and had some beef, mutton, or chicken after the lockdown was lifted. Jet Shaggy bunny is now loved by all of her white siblings. Now they are all referred to as Shaggy’s sweet brother rather than black ugly sibling.

Written By Fozia Siraj

Fozia Siraj

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