Tiny Ant Named Tutu’s Happy Trip With Astronauts From Earth to Space a Kids Tale

A kid Story Pleasant Journey Of Ant Into Space: An Ant Story

There once lived a tiny ant in an enormous mansion. Tutu is the name of the ant. Her abode was a walled arch. It was one busy ant. She worked all day and also got meals for herself. At night, she would go to her burrow and peacefully eat her food. Where the hole was, there was a TV lounge in the area. During the night, Tutu would peek her face out of her hole to watch TV with the rest of the family. A few days ago, Tutu watched a TV show about a NASA mission. Tutu has a strong bond with a moon that is in orbit. Tutu decided to go into space with the humans on the day of their launch.

Subsequently, Tutu departed for NASA, where astronauts were getting ready to go out into space carrying food, water, oxygen, and other essentials. At first, Toto felt dizzy and sensed an earthquake was about to happen. After a while, Tutu becomes comfortable as the spaceship ascends with a deafening roar. It was no longer brilliant; it was now dark. And like fireflies, countless little stars could be seen all around.

Wonderful! What a beautiful sight! Even if the sky seemed far away, the sun was actually shining on the earth. With a burrow formed like a hole, Tutu launched out to see the moon. Greetings, children The spacecraft had departed Earth’s orbit, where gravity did not exist, and Tutu was no longer crawling on the ground but rather soaring lightly in the air. Whoa! I am soaring without wings. The spacecraft kept moving forward. At the same time, Tutu was swinging in the spacecraft. Even the astronauts were unaware that Tutu, a tiny ant, was traveling with them and that, based on their conversations, he knew they were getting close to the moon.

Pleasant Journey Of Ant Into Space An Ant Story

As soon as they landed on the moon, every astronaut was dressed in oversized, white attire. When Tutu discovered she was missing her astronaut outfit, she changed into it and gazed out the front-facing mirror. They walked down to the lunar surface one by one. Tutu was ecstatic to be touching down on a ball that seemed to be glowing from the earth.

Tutu was surprised to see that the moon was not as visible as the earth when she first viewed it. Despite the bright light, all that is visible is a field of blackness; the moon is not visible. The moon reflects sunlight, which is why it glows. Tutu now yearns for her home and her native country. After walking around the moon for a while, the astronauts had to return to Earth, so they boarded the spaceship once more.

“It will also be fun to fly a spaceship towards the black hole,” one astronaut remarked. Once Tutu discovered that her grandfather had told her about deadly pits in space called black holes that would consume everything, her soul perished. The astronauts laughed among themselves as they heard the name of the black hole. Tutu was filled with a tremor. An astronaut stated that the black hole is billions of years away from Earth at the same moment. Maybe there is no way to get there. Tutu regained consciousness after hearing this. As the spacecraft made its way back to Earth, the stunning sphere that was seen outside the glass got closer.

After a while, the spacecraft began to shake like an earthquake as it approached Earth’s orbit; at the same moment, white clouds and azure skies emerged through the window. The astronauts and Tutu exited the spacecraft as soon as it touched down. While onlookers cheered these courageous astronauts on, they were unaware that a small ant was also present. For the ant, the space voyage was both delightful and unforgettable. After leaving NASA, she immediately took a bath, showered, ate her meal, and turned on TV to see the astronauts being praised by the public.

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