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Benefits, Risks, and How to Test Its Security


Users can access prohibited websites, get around internet restrictions, and protect their online privacy with UltraSurf, a free virtual private network. It does, however, have benefits and potential drawbacks, like any other instrument. In this post, we will examine the benefits of UltraSurf, discuss its limitations, and provide security testing advice.

Advantages of UltraSurfing

  1. Circumventing Censorship:
    • Users can access websites and material that may be prohibited locally by government or business firewalls with the help of UltraSurf. Through the establishment of an encrypted tunnel, users can surf anonymously and secretly.
  2. Anonymity and Privacy:
    • UltraSurf increases the difficulty for trackers and websites to identify you by hiding your real IP address.
    • Your internet traffic is encrypted to increase privacy and protect personal data.
  3. Usability:

Risks Associated with UltraSurf

  1. Security Concerns:
    • Because UltraSurf’s encryption could not be as strong as that of more expensive VPNs, your data might be at risk.
    • Uncertainty over the service’s ownership and origins undermines confidence.
  2. Limited Features:
    • Advanced features like kill switches and dedicated servers that are available in premium VPNs are absent from UltraSurf.
    • User experience may suffer from slow speeds brought on by server constraints.
  3. Certain websites are blocked:
    • UltraSurf’s IP addresses may be blacklisted by certain websites, affecting accessibility.

How to Test UltraSurf’s Security

  1. Check Your IP Address:
    • Verify that your real IP address is hidden when connected to UltraSurf. Compare it with the IP displayed by the VPN.
  2. DNS Leak Test:
    • To look for DNS leaks, use resources such as DNSLeakTest.com. Make sure the VPN is handling the DNS queries for you.
  3. WebRTC Leak Test:
    • Perform a WebRTC leak test using ExpressVPN’s tool. Confirm that your real IP isn’t exposed during video streaming or file transfers.
  4. Malware Examine:
    • Use programs like VirusTotal to scan the installation file for UltraSurf. Make sure there is no malware on it.
  5. Regular VPN Scans:
    • Periodically use services like ipleak.net or Perfect Privacy Test to detect any leaks.


Although UltraSurf offers a straightforward method of eluding censorship and safeguarding privacy, it is not without hazards and limitations. Test its security frequently to guarantee peak functioning. Upgrade to a premium VPN to take advantage of more features and improved privacy.

Remember that no VPN is flawless, so choose wisely based on your needs and priorities.

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