Way of Working to Approach For Affiliate Marketers To Emend Amazon’s SiteStripe Image Sizes

Before 2024, Amazon provided an image link on their sitestripe for those affiliate marketers who were new to marketing and did not create 3 sales. It was easy to copy and paste image links on website pages. Here are the full criteria for how affiliate marketers copy and paste image links. Amazon provides an API key to retrieve all data after three products are sold. In any case, we talk about how the sitestripe image link provides an increased image size.

There, people typically go shopping. On Amazon, we may see a recent fashion trend. It is great for visitors. Whatever the case, in order to help affiliate marketers expand their businesses, Amazon permits them to post product advertisements on their personal or company websites. Properly promoting Amazon’s items is crucial. I am having trouble pasting the product image from Amazon. The image’s size did not expand to meet my demands. I thus looked for answers and wrote them down here.

Amazon provides for promoting Amazon products; however, when we paste this image link into our article and want the image to be the size that we need, an issue occurs. As an affiliate marketer, I too encountered this issue. However, I also came upon a solution, which I now want to share with you.

In order to increase the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase after viewing an image of one of Amazon’s products, the company also offers affiliate marketers links in bespoke HTML language that lead to each product’s image. An affiliate marketer is familiar with pasting HTML links, and he often wants to alter the image that appears when he does so. Use the image size feature to search SL from the link provided by Amazon. You can change the size to suit your needs, but make sure you only remove the image’s size and leave the SL in place.

An Example HTML Code Of Image Before Resize

A Technique For Affiliate Marketers To Edit Amazon SiteStripe Image Sizes

An Example HTML Code Of Image After Resize

A Technique For Affiliate Marketers To Edit Amazon SiteStripe Image Sizes


People can change the image’s size before 2024 to fit their requirements. Amazon will stop allowing affiliate marketers to use image links in SiteStripe in 2024. This is very disconcerting for inexperienced affiliate marketers, however, image sizes do not cause problems for those who hit three sales and use an API key.

for novice affiliate marketers who have not yet generated three sales. Users have the option to copy and paste a copyrighted image from the company’s goods into the website.

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