What Size Torsion Spring for 16×7 Garage Door?

What Size Torsion Spring for 16×7 Garage Door?

Choosing the correct torsion spring for your garage door is essential for proper functionality and safety. If you have a 16×7 garage door, determining the adequate torsion spring size is crucial to ensure that it can effectively counterbalance the weight of the door.

Here are the steps to help you calculate the right size torsion spring:

  1. Measure the garage door’s height (16 feet) and width (7 feet) accurately using a measuring tape.
  2. Determine the door’s weight. A 16×7 garage door typically weighs around 150-200 pounds.
  3. Calculate the torque required. Torque is calculated by multiplying the door’s weight by its distance from the torsion spring center bracket, also known as the cable drum. This distance is usually half of the door’s height or 8 feet (16 feet / 2). In this case, the torque required would be 150-200 pounds multiplied by 8 feet.
  4. Consult a torsion spring manufacturer’s chart or contact a garage door professional to find the appropriate torsion spring size for the calculated torque value and door height.

It is strongly recommended to hire a professional garage door technician to install the torsion spring, as it requires knowledge and expertise to ensure proper installation and adjustment.

Remember, using an incorrect or improperly sized torsion spring can lead to various issues, including garage door imbalance, spring breakage, and even accidents. Safety should always be a priority when dealing with garage door components.

Here is a sample torsion spring sizing chart provided by a leading garage door manufacturer:

Torsion Spring Size Door Height Door Weight Torque Required
2-inch 7-8 feet 150-200 pounds 1200-1600 pounds per inch (lbs/in)
2.5-inch 8-9 feet 200-250 pounds 1600-2000 lbs/in
3-inch 9-10 feet 250-300 pounds 2000-2400 lbs/in

Always check the specifications provided by the manufacturer you choose, as the sizing may vary slightly based on their product line.

If you’re unsure about the size or installation process, don’t hesitate to contact a professional garage door technician in your area. They will ensure that you have the correct torsion spring size for your 16×7 garage door, giving you peace of mind and smooth operation.

Remember, garage door components carry tension and should be handled with care. Improper installation or adjustment can lead to serious accidents or property damage.

Consult the garage door manufacturer or a professional for specific advice relating to your 16×7 garage door to ensure you have the correct torsion spring size, keeping your garage door safe and functional.

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