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Best Tips To Take Away 20 Types of Ordinary Stains From Your Attire

Best Tips To Take Away 20 Types of Ordinary Stains From Your Attire

Here is the best tips to take away 20 types of ordinary stains from your attire

Oil stains

We are starting to discuss in this article about best tips to take away 20 types of ordinary stains from our attire so here we gonna give some hacks___Oily stains caused by grease get absorbed into the fibers of the fabric, making them difficult to remove with regular detergents. First, sprinkle talcum powder on the grease stain, then use a hot iron to press it well. In this way, the grease will melt from the fibers of the cloth and be absorbed by the talcum powder. To remove the talcum powder from the cloth, rub the stain two to three times with ordinary detergent powder. Then put the cloth to dry, the grease stain will be completely clean.

Jamun juice stain

When Jamun juice gets on clothes, the purple color is absorbed into the fibers and cannot be removed with ordinary detergent powder. Afterward, apply the juice of half a lemon to the stained area after cleaning it with detergent. Then wash the stained area with detergent.

Removing pen ink stains

Pens placed in pockets, or pens that are kept anywhere without being covered, often drip ink and spread on the surrounding cloth or drip somewhere, making the color look dark, which is difficult to remove with ordinary detergents. Ink-stained parts of cloth can be cleaned by dipping them in a cup of milk, which absorbs all the ink.

Sweat stains

Due to the body’s excessive sweating during the summer, our clothes get damaged and sweat marks are not removed from them despite our best efforts. In addition to adding four table spoons of salt to one liter of hot water and soaking the clothes in it, rubbing lemon on the sweat marks will remove the marks.

Removing fruit stains

Fruit stains, or berries stains of any kind. Cover a tub or bucket with the stained cloth firmly. Then drop boiling water into a bucket from a height of one foot. The stain will disappear amazingly.

Ball point pen stains

To remove completely ballpoint stains on fabric isn’t easy. Use nail polish remover for this. Put the remover on a cotton pad and rub it on the stain and the stain will be removed. Then wash it with water mixed with detergent. Even if Dettol is applied to cotton and rubbed on the stained area, the stains will be cleared.

Removing coffee or chocolate stains

Use a sponge to apply either borax powder or borax solution to the stain, and then wash it away with warm, soapy water. If the stain is older, you should first use glycerin, rub it with soap or boric powder, and then wash it with clean water.

Removing grass stains

While playing in parks, kids frequently develop grass stains on their clothes. Spray any reputable detergent on the stain and mix well before washing the entire item of clothing to remove it. After that, wash it in a machine or bucket.

Removing blood stains

Blood stains are often found on clothes. Applying hydrogen peroxide to a cotton pad and rubbing the discoloured area for a while will help remove blood stains from clothing. Next, rinse with cold water. Repeat this procedure two or three more times if the stain is still visible.

Removing dirt or mud stains

To remove dirt or mud stains from clothes, first allow the stain to dry and then scrub with a brush. After that, after washing the clothes with cold water, mix one part bleach with four parts warm water and soak for half an hour and wash thoroughly with soap.

Removing tar stains

Tar stains are incredibly resilient. It is quite difficult to remove. To do this, spread an old towel over the soiled area and apply kerosene. Repeat the process with a different towel until the stain has been removed from the cloth after the first towel has completely absorbed the oil. Continue doing this, then soak the cloth for 30 minutes in medium-hot water. The discoloration can be removed with a later wash with detergent.

Removing lipstick stains

Sometimes lipstick stains also appear on clothing; in this case, rub the stain with vaseline first, followed by detergent, and then wash the item in warm water.

Removing rust stains

Cut a lemon, sprinkle salt on it, and rub it on the affected area if the clothing is rust stained. When dry, surf and then rinse with water.

Removal of betel stains

If there is betel stain on the clothes, apply lime on the stain and wash it the next day.

Removing perfume stains

To remove a perfume stain, apply tartaric or tartaric powder on the stain and wash off with lukewarm water.

Removing soot stains

To remove ink or soot stains from clothes, rub salt on the stains and rinse.

Removing tea stains from white clothes

If there is a tea stain on white clothes, apply hydrogen oxide on it and keep it in the sun, the stain will be removed. Tea stains can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. As soon as the tea spills on the clothes, sprinkle salt on the clothes immediately, it will not stain it.

How to protect white clothes from stains

When washing clothes in a machine or bucket, wash them separately from other colored clothes. In order to make white clothes whiter. Add half a spoonful of alum powder in half a bucket of water and then put white clothes in it and take it out after a few minutes. The clothes will become shiny.

Removing chewing gum from clothes

If chewing gum gets on a cloth or carpet. It becomes very difficult to remove it, but if this cloth is put in a plastic wrap and kept in the freezer, when the chewing gum cools down and hardens, then remove it. If the chewing gum is on the carpet, place an ice cube on the chewing gum so that it cools down and hardens so that you can remove it easily.

Raw color of clothes

If the color of the clothes is raw, put the clothes of each color in a separate bucket and pour salt and alum warm water on top. Then turn the clothes upside down with a clothespin. In this way, by putting clothes in salt and alum water, the colors of the clothes are dark and the color does not come off when washing the clothes in the future.

Best Tips To Take Away 20 Types of Ordinary Stains From Your Attire