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Names Of Small Towns In Karachi That Shows It’s History

Names Of Small Towns In Karachi That Shows It’s History

Let’s discover The names of small towns in Karachi


We are talking about the names of minor Karachi towns that reflect the history of the metropolis. There are historical folktales from every region of the world. Karachi is the name of a city in Pakistan. The town of Karachi was first established beside the sea. It was a fishing community once. Called Kolachi, it grew into a commercial hub over time. Thus, the people made the decision to construct a fort here, and two gates were subsequently set in the fort.

Metha Dar And Khara Dar

One door was named “Metha Dar,” and the other was named “Khara Dar,” since the word “Dar” in Urdu means “door.” Due of the river’s pleasant water, the door that led to it was given the name “Mitha Dar.” The reason this door was given the name “Khara Dar” was because the other door opened outward, toward the salty sea.


A route from “Bandar route” goes to Kemari, which gets its name from Mari’s Sindhi name for harbor. For this reason, Kemari’s name was changed from Mari to Kemari.

Machar Colony

From Bandar Road, there are two lanes: one leads to Kemari and the other to Maripur. They are separated by a road known as Machar Colony. This location is notable for two stories. Since Kemari and Maripur are surrounded by water, a lot of mosquitoes have been hatched there. The area was given the name Machar Colony since the locals used to be bothered by mosquitoes. The word “machar” comes from Urdu; mosquitoes translate to it in English.

The other legend is that this area was formerly known as “Machhira Colony” due to the presence of fishermen. It was formerly known as “Machhira Colony.” Additionally, Machhira Colony became known as “Machar Colony.”

Bandar Road

When you hear the name “Bandar Road,” this comes to mind. Since “Bandar” is an Urdu word that means “monkey,” there must have once been monkeys living here. However, a closer look reveals that Karachi has a sizable sea area for imports and exports, known in Urdu as a “Bandar Gah.” Bandar Road is the name of the road that links the city to the port.

Bhens Colony

The name of one area in Karachi is “Bhens Colony.” because the entire city receives its milk from it.

Geedar Colony

A little further from ‘Bhens Colony’ is ‘Geedar Colony’. There used to be a lot of Geedars at this place, so this place was named ‘Geedar Colony’. ‘Geeder’ called in urdu wolves. Nowadays, there are no wolves here. The old name of this place was New Muzaffarabad Colony, which everyone has forgotten.

Nagan Chowrangi

This location is mentioned in three well-known folktales. The original story goes that a snake once emerged out of this spot and scared people, hence they named it ‘Nagan Chowrangi’. The second story goes that the three routes here are interwoven like snakes. The third story is that when the local authority measured the property, it turned out to be very old. The location was known as Nagan.

Numaish Chowrangi

There is a stop on ‘Bandar Road’ called ‘Numaish Chowrangi’. Its history dates back to 1939, when the KMC industry had an exhibition. That is why this place was named Numaish Square. In urdu Numaish called exhibition.

Guru Mandar

There is a Guru Mundar near the Numaish Chorangi. The Gurdwara is still at this place. The name of this place is still known as Gurumandar.

Gora Qabrustan

Once upon a time, there were many Christians in Karachi and the British also stayed here for a long time. The cemetery where the British and Christians were buried for their burial after death was called ‘Gora Cemetery’.

Chamra Colony

The ‘Chamra Colony’ is famed for its leather manufacturers. That is why this location was named Chamra Colony. Leather is known as chamra in Urdu.

Bottle Gali

This is a spot called Bottle Gali. Because there are perfume bottles, empty bottles, and a variety of lovely bottles. The Urdu term ‘Gali’ is a translation of the English word ‘Street’.

Paposh Nagar

Paposh means “shoes” in Persian, and there was formerly a thriving shoe industry in this area, hence everyone is known as Paposh Nagar. Nagar is an Urdu word that translates into English as “little town.”


Korangi was once the harbor where the majority of cardamom traders lived. Cardamom is known as Korangi in Sanskrit, and the location has been termed Korangi ever since.

4k stop

The majority of people travel by bus. There is also a 4K bus within it. The location of this bus stop is known as 4K Stop.

Two Minutes Chowrangi

The crossroads at which the 4K bus stops is referred to as a “Two Minute Chowrangi.” Because it takes two minutes to get from a 4K stop to the intersection, this stop is named after that distance. Two-Minute Chowrangi has been established. In Urdu, an intersection is referred to as ‘Chowrangi’.

Anda Moor

This place’s name comes from two well-known stories. This location was given the name Anda Moor because it was formerly home to people who worked with chickens and sold eggs. The alternative legend says that, when viewed from above, this location resembles an egg. In Urdu, an egg is called “anda.” And “Moor” named “Turn” in English.

Disco Moor

There is a Disco Moor on the right-hand side of ‘Anda Moor’. Once upon a time, the condition of the roads here was very bad. When driving the buses over these roads, the passengers move like discos in these buses. So every person called these area disco moor.


The place where Lyari is located is situated on the banks of the river. A plant grew on the banks of this river, usually in large numbers. The name of this plant was Lyar, so this place was named Lyari because of this plant.

Hyderabad Colony

People from India migrated to Pakistan, because they were residents of Hyderabad, India. So the place where they settled in Karachi became known as Hyderabad Colony.

Achar Gali

There is also an ‘Achar Gali’ in Hyderabad Colony where pickles of all kinds and flavors are available. ‘Achar’ is an Urdu word that means, in English, pickle.

Lalu Kheet

Lalu Kheet is another famous area nearby Numaish Chowrangi. In the past, it was known as Liaqatabad, but today it is referred to as Lalu Kheet. Initially, it was an agricultural area with farming going on and was situated on the banks of the Lyari river. Lalu Kheet was the name given to this area when the Pakistani government started buying land for housing projects and bought it from a farmer named Lalu. ‘Kheet’ is an Urdu word that, in English, is field.

Buffer Zone

According to the English word, ‘Buffer Zone’ means empty or neutral between 2 enemies, but there is a whole area in Karachi with this name, the story of which is very interesting.

When Karachi was the capital of Pakistan, plans were made for the employment of refugees as well as government employees, and a housing scheme called Federal B Area was launched in 1953. It was part of the 1948 Federal Capital Territory Plan. Under which FC Area and FB Area came into existence.

The area between the government zones was named a buffer zone to prevent people from accessing sensitive areas, but the capital moved to Islamabad in 1959 and the idea of ​​a federal capital area died down. No more construction has started in this buffer zone, now the area between FB area and North Nazimabad is called buffer zone.

Goli Mar

By the way, this area is actually called Gulbahar, but people just call it Goli Mar these days. A rumor has it that the cops used to practice shooting people in order to gain experience. Thus, the region was known as “Goli Mar.” “Goli Mar” is an amalgam of two Urdu phrases. “Goli” means “bullet” in English, and “Mar” is an Urdu term that means “shot” in English.

Khamosh Colony

This location was designated as a Khamosh colony due to the abandoned cemetery there, which is how the name came to be known. The word “Khamosh” in Urdu means “silent” in English.

Karela Moor

Now, why do you suppose this name would have been chosen? If you are unaware, the growing of bitter gourds, or karela, has no bearing on this matter. However, there formerly was a vegetable vendor at this location, known as Karela. therefore came to be known as “Karela Moor” throughout time. The Urdu term “karela” translates to “bitter gourd” in English.

Kala Pull

One of Kala Pull’s features is that it links the Defense Housing Authority to other parts of Karachi. The term “pull” in Urdu means “bridge” in English.

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