Febi Named Cat Parley with her Mother an Imaginary Gossip in this Story

I Dedicate this Imaginary Story to Stray Cats

(This is a conversation between two cats; one is the big cat, who is the mother and the other is the little cat named Febi who is the daughter.)
Am I not adorable, Mama?
While seated under a large neem tree, Febi questioned Mama.
“Why not? You are extremely cute, dear daughter.”
This is what Mama told her young daughter.
Therefore, why am I disliked by others?
After telling her mother this, Febi turned to face the adorable white Persian cat perched on the bungalow’s side. Dolly, who was also Febi’s age, had a man standing next to her, making love to her.
Febi glanced at Dolly’s plate abruptly. Perhaps Dolly was consuming a particular food.
How does she eat, Mama?
Febi looked ahead and questioned her mama, but mother had fallen asleep in the shade of a neem tree.
After a while, Febi considered this. Mama says, “I am cute now.” Fabi slowly moved towards Dolly towards the food on the plate.

Meanwhile, a man was standing close to his cat, Dolly. He yelled violently at the servant and struck Febi with a stick.
“Leave this area, from stray cat.”
Dolly’s plate of cat food toppled over and was strewn all over the place as Fabi fled in fear at this unexpected tumble.
Dolly was a gorgeous Persian cat with green and blue eyes that decided to follow in her owner’s footsteps.
A flurry of filthy noises startled Febi’s mother, who had fallen asleep. Febi’s mom yelled at her daughter to turn around.

Daughter These are people. In addition to dividing themselves into classes based on wealth and poverty, black and white, and beauty and ugly, these people also produced a class of us animals. They detest ugly animals and are in love with gorgeous ones.
“Daughter! It is a human illness.” “Febi’s mother stated this to her daughter.”
Thank heavens! This is not a disease we have.
After giving Febi an explanation, her mother went to a butcher store on the street.

Aim of this Story

This fable reminds us that beauty is something that neither people nor animals should be judged on. Those who lack beauty also deserve consideration, in the same manner that those who are attractive do.

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