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Kids Folktale A Birds & Their Melodious Sound Beaks in a Woodland

Kids Folktale A Birds & Their Melodious Sound Beaks in a Woodland

The Fruit of Patience is Always Sweet

This is a well-known children’s folktale. There once was a forest full of birds, and every single one of them led a very loving life. The lack of beaks on any of these birds was one oddity. They used to fly through the forest without beaks. Neither their voice nor theirs could be heard in the jungle because they were beakless and unable to chirp. beaks and could not chirp, neither their voice nor theirs could be heard in the forest.

Then, one day, an angel of Allah appeared in the woods to distribute beaks among all birds. He kept several beaks in his suitcase. The angel summoned the entire forest’s birds. Come and get the beaks of your choice. Every bird flew toward the direction of the angel to choose a beak.
At first, a crimson beak was preferred by the parrot. Its green hue provided a remarkable contrast. All the birds could not help but adore the parrot. The sound of tete tete tete, made by the parrot’s beak, resounded through the forest. The parrot was well-liked by all the birds. With its beak, the parrot produced a sound that echoed through the woods, tete tete tete.

The crow’s black beak, which was appealing because it was also black, caused all the other birds to laugh loudly when it made the sound kak-kak-kak. The little sparrow favored a tiny beak that resembled his own. Bulbul desired a sharp, thin beak for himself. When Bulbul chirped, everyone complimented his voice. All of the birds enjoyed their beaks, and the sack near the angel was ultimately empty. Every bird flew to their nests.
A black cuckoo with crimson eyes was far away, attempting to reach the forest and grab her beak from the angel’s bag. She arrived late, having flown in from a secluded woodland, and the angel seemed to have finished the stock of the beaks.
“Is there a beak for me too?” the cuckoo exclaimed as she arrived at the angel. When the angel dug through his empty luggage, he discovered a beak that all the birds detested. And refused to accept it. The angel gave to cuckoo her beak. When the cuckoo sat on the tree with its beak and uttered its voice, all of the birds in the forest danced to the cuckoo’s wonderful, melodious voice. The crow offered to cockoo to exchange both beaks after listening to the cockoo’s lovely voice. Nevertheless, the beak included a characteristic that prevented the bird from ever releasing it from the mouth; as a result, it could no longer be given to another bird.

This story also teaches children that the fruit of patience is always sweet

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