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What causes tears in the eyes?

What causes tears in the eyes?

Our discussion is what causes tears in the eyes? Sometimes we all have tears in our eyes. They come out because of sorrow and because of happiness. Tears work to keep the eyes clean and hydrated.

Where do the tears come from?

Tears are shed through the lacrimal glands behind the upper eyelid. From this gland, new tears keep coming out and old tears also go to a tiny type of duct called lacrimal puncta. According to research, a person can produce 15 to 30 gallons of tears in a year. Tears of any kind usually contain water, lipids, lysozyme, glucose, and sodium.

How many types of tears are there?

There are basically three types of tears.

Basal Tears

These types of tears are always present in the eyes, which are also called tears, and if you put your finger in your eye, your finger gets wet because of these tears. They form all the time and their job is to keep the eye wet and clean. They also have antibacterial properties and protect the eyes from bacteria. Basal tears have three layers. The innermost is made up of mucus, which is used to hold or stick the tears to the eye so that the tears do not flow immediately, the middle aqueous layer which is antibacterial and the third is lipids which prevent drying the tears.

Reflex Tears

These are the tears that come out of the eye when something enters the eye from outside, the irritation or sting caused by something in the eye causes these tears, as well as if any part of the body is enduring something unpleasant. If there is an injury or a bruise on the tongue, an unpleasant odor, all these reasons can cause these tears to come out, they are more than basal tears, in addition to sharp. Even if the water in the eye becomes dry due to wind etc., these tears come out to moisten the eye. Their job is to clean the eye like basal tears.

Emotional Tears

These are the tears that have to do with emotions. No definite reason has been found for why they are released, but research and studies have shown that they help with emotional states. They contain stress chemicals, such as adrenocorticotropic hormone, prolactin, etc., which help to reduce stress levels in the body as they are released from the body. It also contains manganese, which is more common in depressed people.

What causes tears in the eyes?                                                                                                   Image from here

Which gland forms the tears in our eyes and what causes tears in the eyes?

The lacrimal gland in our eyes produces tears, which keep the eyes moist. Since tears keep coming from the lacrimal glands, it is also necessary that if the tears come out, where will they go?
So that the eye does not get too much water. There are holes in the eye near the eyelids called puncta that open into the ducts called canaliculi, which carry the tears inside the lacrimal sac from where the tears enter the nose and are absorbed there.

Sometimes after wakeup, there is a yellow substance in the eye that makes the eye stick. What is that material?

When we wake up, we feel the dust and other particles in our eyes with yellow sticky mucus with tears, but this does not happen when we sleep. In this case, during sleep for a long time, all this material accumulates on the side of our eyes. To avoid this wax-type material, we should avoid touching our eyes with dirty hands and take care of our hygiene. It is usually rare in people living in a clean environment.
It is actually the water in the eye, the dust, the mucus in the eyes (which is present in the eye water to protect the eye from moisture and friction and also separately), from the skin. A mixture of oil (sebum) and dead skin cells …
It happens in everyone’s eyes but there is a difference in the amount.

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