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What is not a Physical Security Measure for your Home?

What is not a Physical Security Measure for your Home?
Our pricey possessions are kept at home since it is our personal abode. Typically, we store our cash and essential documents inside our homes. We occasionally set quite stringent security measures for our home. However, other security measures, such as physical takeover, must also be managed.
Make sure you close all of your house’s windows when you are inside. The window can be readily reached and jumped into your home if it is too close to the road, which is actually the same height as a human. Physical security concludes with the requirement that all lights be turned on when someone leaves their house for an extended vacation. It is because if anyone around your house has to conduct suspicious activities, they all know whether someone is inside, so they postpone their decision.
Be careful not to give out your residence address to anyone when you are outside your home or in the community. If some clever thief finds out your address, they might use it to get into your residence and conduct fraud. His intentions seem dubious as a stranger. They are able to leap into your home.
Some people install glass windows without iron rods in their homes. Using a hammer, a thief can easily smash timber or glass windows. Without iron rods, glass windows can be easily tamed by criminals. It is necessary to build iron rods for security, then fit glass according to your choice.
One person in my area always stored pricey items, like as gold and diamonds, inside worn-out, ruined clothing and stored the clothing in a secure location. It is an odd trick, but he may use it to his advantage because expensive items are always taken by criminals who always go for the locker first. Old clothing is ignored by them. Thus, the primary advantage of repurposing pricey items is that. You can use this technique, but remember to save this piece of paper in a very secure location and repeatedly commit it to memory. It is peculiar, yet it works in his favor.
Always store writing supplies in the most secure area of the toilet. You can pretend to be in need of a bathroom visit in front of a criminal if, by unfortunate circumstance, they jump into your home. You can leave a note against the thief inside the toilet & throw it down to protect yourself. Someone should definitely call the police if they can read.

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