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A Historical Truth About Blind Dolphin In Indus River

A Folklore True Story About Blind Fish Indus River Dolphin

There are blind fish in the water of the Indus River, as well as its blind dolphins, which have blurred eyes as opposed to sea dolphins, which have clear vision. This is because the Indus dolphin has lived in muddy water for millions of years, and since its eyes were not used for a long time, it has lost its sight as a result of the evolutionary process? However, the shape of the eye remains intact.

Blind Fish Indus River Dolphin
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It began in the 1980s. The people caught us in huge quantities and sold us to the market, they slaughtered us and even cooked us during those days, so we remained very few.

Their primary occupation was that of fish catchers., who lived around an Indus river connected in Sindh province from Pakistan. In the 1980’s, some strange people arrived, who were not like the fish catchers who roamed around the Indus River. We were few then, but our species soared in numbers immediately because of them, We thanked them, but who were they? People got scared as this place was completely cut off from other cities during those days due to a tribe of criminals residing here. Consequently, the people quickly ran away and left the place. Fishing also took place elsewhere. There were no grabs at that time, we were growing every day. Crimes have become valuable to us precisely because of them. We are blind, it’s a fact. Our instincts tell us who to like and who to avoid.

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