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What Time Should a Married Man Come Home?

What Time Should a Married Man Come Home?

This is a particularly unique question for married women. Every day from sunrise until evening, a lady is alone at home. After being alone for so long, a woman wishes her husband would return home early. So that she can spend moments of love with her husband and have dinner in a pleasant environment that a lady has prepared with great affection in the evening.

I am a married woman, and my main effort is to get my husband to come home at eight o’clock at night. I am quite hungry around 8 p.m. and would prefer to eat dinner with my husband rather than alone.

Some women have children immediately after marriage, and then the woman is busy with the child, so if the husband is late in coming to home, the woman does not feel much alone because of being busy with the child.
Conversely, some women who experience childlessness after marriage or after a few years of marriage grow bored and try to force their husbands to come home early in the evening.

Because a man’s home is his place of relaxation, he wants to get home from work as quickly as possible so that he can rest and spend time with his family. In my opinion, the best time is 8:00 pm at night.

The best time for a man to come home during the day also depends on his employment and its nature. Some men work nights, so they sleep during the day and work at night. On the other hand, some men work long hours from dawn to night.


Because I am a married woman with no children at the moment, yes! I want my husband to come home at 8 p.m.

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