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Folklore Story About Shirin Farhad from Chakwal Pakistan

Folklore Story About Shirin Farhad from Chakwal Pakistan

Shirin Farhad Story

It is a Folklore Story About Shirin Farhad from Chakwal, Pakistan. The story’s main character is a poor carpenter who falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy king.  Once upon a time, a king named Neel ruled in the city of Chakwal. He thought of building his palace on a hill by the river.
A person built a palace named Farhad. When The castle had been constructed, the king was impressed by the court’s beauty and told Farhad that whatever he asked would be granted.

Farhad said: “I want to marry your daughter.”
The king was stunned to hear this, but what would he do?
From now on, the king began to wonder how poor Farhad was in front of the glory of the Raja and princess.
The advisers advised the king to break his promise, but the royal honor did not allow him. The king’s advisers said, “Why don’t Farhad be tied up in strict terms? He may be afraid to refuse this relationship.” King agreed and told Farhad. The princess wants to take a bath with 9 maund of deer milk. If you carry out this task, the princess will marry you.

Farhad did not understand how to fulfill this condition. Finally revealed God Marcy, and one angel appeared, gave a flute to Farhad, and told him to play it.
And you will get as much milk as you need. When Farhad started playing the flute, a herd of deer gathered around him in a few moments.

Floklore Story About Shirin and Farhad from Chakwal Pakistan

Folklore Story About Shirin Farhad

He sent a message to the king that I have collected the deer; the king sent his servants to get the required milk. The king’s servants were astonished to see Farhad playing the flute and thousands of deer gathered.
This place is still close to Chakwal city called Mouza Harnianwala.

When the king heard this, he flattered anxiety and got sick. The king’s advisers begin to ponder another way to get Farhad astray.
They said, “The princess wants when you dug a canal and passed the waterway under the palace, so I absolutely marry with you.”
Farhad also accepted this task, walked towards the mountains with his small ax. But in front of a big mountain, how a little tool worked?
Here is also an angel came to help, gave the stick to Farhad, and said. Please go ahead; the river follows you automatically.

Farhad was pleased, took the stick, walked from the river to the princess palace. When he fell asleep tired, the water began to whirl there. The king got the news that Farhad was bringing the river. The king was troubled and scolded his advisers for humiliating me. The advisers said, “Give us one more chance. We will save your life from Farhad.” He announced that the princess had died and provided this food for her death.

He persuaded a woman to deliver some food for Farhad, reach immediately and inform him; the princess had died. When Farhad got this news, he hurt for her death; his soul flew away.
The woman was happy and went to the palace to earn rewards and honors. Meanwhile, there was an uproar in the city when the flood came. The king’s family also climbed on the roof of their palace to see the water. The water began to flow around the castle. Dead Farhad was also floating in it.

When princess  Shirin heard Farhad was dead, she also jumped into the water from the palace. People jumped in the river to save Shirin’s life, but they could not save her from death.
Two dead bodies were tied together as if they were embracing each other. People pulled both bodies out and buried them on a high mound at the rivers. These tombs still exist where the festival takes place every year.

This folk ancients tale, called Shirin and Farhad’s story, is connected with the city of Chakwal. There must be some truth behind the folk tales. The history of Chakwal is thousands of years old, so many folk tales are also attributed here.

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