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Sparrow and Her Husband’s Love Story

Sparrow and Her Husband’s Love Story

A Kid Story 

Bird rascal sparrow

This is a story related to kids fiction. Once upon a time, there was a rascal male sparrow who lived on a tree. His parents were disturbed by his bad habits. One day, while he was flying, he saw a female sparrow bird sitting on the ground and bathing in the cold water. The female sparrow’s husband sitting a short distance away and was chirping happily.
The rascal sparrow bird liked the bathing female sparrow bird and he kept looking at the beauty of the cute female sparrow bird. Rascal, the male sparrow, went to his house and announced that he would marry the beautiful female sparrow bird.

Sparrow And Her Husband Love Story

The Rascle Sparrow

The parents of the Rascal sparrow were very upset by his sudden announcement.
His mother said:
“choo choo choo, that female bird is the wife of another sparrow bird.” You should not marry someone else’s bird. ”
The rascal male sparrow bird said: ” choo choo, I will definitely marry this female sparrow bird.”
The parents of the rascal sparrow began to regret their son’s stubbornness.
The rascal male sparrow bird went to court to marry a female sparrow bird. Before going to court, he presented a hat made of gold to the judge.
The next day, Woody woodpecker brought a letter and said to the husband or the beautiful female bird: “You have received a letter from the court. Yesterday they called both of you to the court.”
Both were very nervous and reached the court on time the next day. The judge was waiting for them in the court.
The Owl judge said: “Order, order, order … a lawsuit has been filed by another sparrow bird that you kidnapped his wife.”
Her husband screamed: “choo choo choo
This is a lie. This is a false accusation. ”
As a lawyer, there were crows from both sides. There was a heated debate, arguments were presented and witness statements were heard.
Well: “silent, silent, silent, silent.”
The husband of the beautiful female sparrow was lost the case. The court ordered that the beautiful female sparrow bird be honorably shifted to the rascal male sparrow’s home.
The female sparrow cried a lot and said.
“Choo choo choo, this is cruelty. You would have asked me. The whole case was settled by everyone. No one even bothered to ask me what I wanted.”
All the birds were astonished at this statement from the female sparrow bird, they all said, “This female sparrow speaks a lot! ”
The bird’s statement caused a stir in the judicial system, which led to the adjournment of the proceedings.
The news spread like wildfire. The eagle king of birds suddenly reached the court. The court was still there. All the birds, including the judge, were terrified when they saw the king, and they were afraid. The eagle king said:
“If female sparrow speaks a lot, it is her right. The verdict, in this case, will be what the female sparrow wants. ”
The Owl judge was trembling with fear. The female sparrow bird fluttered its wings, made a croaking noise, and sit with her husband and said. “That’s my decision,”.
At this bold decision, all the birds started chanting slogans in her favor. The eagle king stared at the Owl judge with angry eyes and said:
“The law of the jungle has been tarnished by unscrupulous judges like you. Get out of here, if I see you again I will kill you. ”
After the incident, the owl stopped coming out of the nest in broad daylight out of fear. The rascal sparrow was banished to the forest as punishment.
The beautiful female sparrow bird and her husband were no longer in danger, they both started laughing happily. Now they can be seen bathing and chirping in public whenever and wherever they want.

Sparrow and Her Husband's Love Story

Sparrow and Her Husband’s Love Story

Moral Of The Story

We read the full story about the sparrow and her husband’s love story. A society is only successful when everybody gets complete justice.

Writer Shahid Mehmood

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