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How Do I Start My IVF Journey or Related to Infertility Which Treatment I start?

My IVF Journey

When I got married, I was happy and hoped that the baby would be born, maybe within a year or next year. There was hope and no disappointment at all.
Then one year passed and another year and similarly ten years passed while waiting for the baby then despair had settled in my heart.

How Do I Start My IVF Journey or Related to Infertility Which Treatment I start Within In Ten Years?

In the beginning, the gynecologists did my ultrasound and examined my body from the inside. They said everything is fine. You are fit and husband too.
Gyne doctor gave me a lots of vitamins and minerals which I have been eating for a long time.

In this long duration of time, the doctor did ovulation induction. In ovulation induction, I took medicine to ovulate an egg and if the egg was actual in size, then she would be injected trigger injection for ovarian stimulation. Cause of this the chance of conceive would increase. But even this method did not work.

Then a doctor said, may be the tubes in uterus are blocked due to unidentified issued, cause of this may be the baby is not having. So one day HSG test was done through a very painful procedure with the help of blue solution which injected in uterus through instrument. The blue solution was injected into the tubes which was seen going to the X-ray machine on the other side where the solution could not be stopped and the blockage could be seen but in my case, the blue solution went further and no blockage was seen. This test showed that my tubes are also open.

Then after some time passed I was went to other gynecologist who said ” you should done your laparoscopy in which a camera will be inserted inside the abdomen through surgery to see where the defect is and why the baby is not being born”.

Then at the appointed time I was given anesthesia due to which I fainted immediately. When I regained consciousness I had laparoscopy. After the laparoscopy, the doctor reported to me and said that everything was fine inside. We did not see any defect.

Then gynecologist was told me, wait three months. ” May be you conceive by your self because after laparoscopy, usually all blockage would have been cleared, then there might be a great chance you conceive naturally”

After waiting for three months, I am not expected, so we visit to doctor’s clinic. She put two options infront of us. To do either IUI or IVF.

She described that IVF is better and more successful than IUI, so we decided to select IVF ( In vitro fertilization ) ; doctor gave me some vitamin pills fifteen days before the treatment so that I could eat it and get rid of the deficiency in my body during the treatment.

Approximately 15 days after the initial contact with each patient, the doctor performed a demonstration of embryo transfer via catheter insertion into the uterus to see the success of the procedure. During the procedure, the doctor checked the patient’s level of pain.

The treatment began after the the menstrual period. First an ultrasound was done and they seen the eggs ovulate or not; then a trigger injection was given daily, which was to be helpful in making as many eggs as possible. A trigger injection is actually a ovarian stimulation hormone therapy. A doctor called the next day to remove the eggs. A sperm sample was also taken from husband at that time.

Anesthesia was injected into my body on that day, knocking me unconscious, after which five eggs were removed from my ovary and placed in a petri dish. Doctor washed male sperm also and drop in petri dish. In petri dish sperm and ova meet and fertilise.

Three embryos were formed, which were kept in the incubator for two days in order to be further divided into cells and to grow strong embryos that would stick to the uterus after they entered.

Two days later, when the three embryos split into three to four cells, they were injected through a large catheter and insert into the uterus. They told to lie down for a while.

As soon as the embryo was transferred, the doctor were told to rest and not to do any hard work. No medicines were taken without consulting a doctor.

Till fifteen days I rested, did not take any medicine, and stayed away from hard work. That hopeful era ended in despair. Because after 15 days my pregnancy report was negative.

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