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How long After Vaccination Am I Protected It Is True Life Story Of Mine

I am an old man of 80 years old. I have young children and I live in a small town in Pakistan. A few years ago, a disease called corona spread panic all over the world; people were locked up in their homes due to this pandemic, sudden scientists started preparing to make a vaccine as soon as possible. The vaccine was developed, and after a while, it was tested on people which successful result.  Then this vaccine also came to Pakistan. Different people started going for vaccination, but many people were also afraid of not knowing, what would happen after being vaccinated Maybe it is harmful or not? They also thought after being vaccinated there will be a pain in the body, maybe there will be a fever or will be a pain in the muscles, etc… But most people who were getting vaccinated were healthy, nothing happened to them. Seeing all this, my young children also started taking me for vaccination because my children love me. They don’t want to see their father sick, also want me to get vaccinated against coronavirus. I was scared and I left my case to fate.

What happened to me after I got vaccinated?

Before vaccination, the doctor asked about my age and some basic questions like my blood pressure condition or diabetes and heart disease. I am still healthy so I kept answering them with satisfaction, then  I was injected one dose of the corona vaccine. After being vaccinated I returned home, I memorize; I have injected another dose of the corona vaccine after an interval of twenty days. I started to feel safe from the corona attack. All the fears or rumors like maybe my blood will thicken after the vaccination or maybe I will feel pain in my body …. nothing like that happened after being vaccinated, these are just rumors, which are circulating.

Did I suffer coronavirus after I got the corona vaccine?

A few weeks ago, my younger brother passed away. I had to go for condolences and unfortunately, there was a corona patient, which caused many people to get corona disease from him. I was among them all who had been infected with Coronavirus. Shortly after, I suffered from a fever, I felt weak because of this fever, at that time Corona was not tested so I felt this fever normally  …. When I went to the doctor, I was given medicine for common fever and at the same time my corona was tested which came positive …. By the time after corona positive my fever had finished, and I was healthy my children paying attention to my diet as well, and I was recovered quickly, now I became completely healthy with corona positive report.

Did I still experience severe symptoms of corona despite the vaccinated after the coronavirus was transmitted?

Corona patients usually suffer from fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, flu, and cough. But after the vaccination, I got only a slight fever and I was completely safe from problems like shortness of breath or lack of oxygen.

How long after vaccination am I protected it is true life story of mine, I’m glad my kids got the corona vaccine, that’s why I was safe from the severe corona symptoms.

After being vaccinated, I was protected from severe symptoms of the corona, although I had corona germs inside me I was safe. I was also the cause of the spreading of corona disease, I took extra care and stayed in quarantine because healthy people would be infected from the coronavirus which stayed inside me.

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