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How to Get my Husband on My Side?

How to Get my Husband on My Side?

I am married, and my spouse and I are having a great marriage. My spouse looks after me well. One explanation for my husband’s exclusive attraction to me, if I give it some thought, is that he was raised to be timid and, as a result, does not even bother to look at other women. I think that some shy men are drawn to other women besides their wives because they enjoy having conversations and spending time with attractive women. Perhaps this is the real truth.

Regarding certain aspects of my personality, my spouse desires me to be the only person in his life. Let me share a few things with you.

1. Provide food on time.
2. When my spouse gets angry, I stay quiet.
3. I am always there for my hubby at difficult times.
4. If my husband has less money and is unable to meet my desires, I do not dispute with him.
5. I constantly maintain decent principles.
6. I smile when I look at my husband.
7. Despite having more education than my spouse, I do not fear him; instead, I use that knowledge to support and mentor him in his day-to-day activities.
8. I try to give space to my husband; whoever he wants to talk to, I don’t doubt him.
9.  A woman’s outward appearance is very important, so I make an effort to dress nicely and neatly.
10. One additional item that is crucial. Your visage ought to be attractive as well. Everyone has a really attractive face, by the way, but if a lady puts on a little makeup, her husband can become quite interested in her features.

The most crucial factor is that the husband will never treat his wife disrespectfully if he has a solid education and was raised in a loving home. A husband will never desire to separate from his spouse and show interest in another woman. Because it is a mark of a good man to put his home’s serenity above all other considerations. Because the mutual affection between a husband and wife is what keeps the house peaceful.

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