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How To Get Rid Of Black Fly?

How To Get Rid Of Black Fly?

What Is Dark Fly?

The bugs are aphids, sap-sucking insects very similar to greenflies. They all have a dark color. Their life cycles and hosts differ. Almost no pests exist, since they occur in small numbers and cause few problems. It’s the species that breed in large numbers that are the pests. Gardeners are subject to disproportionate damage when they spread on the wind and settle in sheltered areas.

How To Get Rid Of Black Fly?

If average temperatures are higher than 10°C, introduce parasites and predators as soon as you see black flies.

Red Beetle Is Also a Black Flies Predators

It should be enough to introduce Aphidoletes aphidimyza, a tiny (2mm) midge. There will be a need for more, however, if the plants become heavily infested. During its two-week lifespan, this midge lays around 100 eggs. While they are developing, the tiny larvae eat about five adults or 15 juvenile black flies a day. They’re most effective in warm, well-lit environments. Aphidius is a parasitic midge that hunts down and lays eggs within black fly. The larvae consume the black fly from within. When you only have a few black fly in your greenhouse, apply them. If you’re going to utilise biological control, avoid insecticides unless they’re based on soap or fatty acids, as they may leave residues that harm beneficial insects.


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