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How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony?

How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony?

How to keep pigeons off balcony?

Nature has created beautiful birds like pigeons. It is fascinating to watch how they live and feed their family as they eat in the park. People forget to love birds when pigeons invade apartments. There are many different ways to permanently get rid of pigeons from a balcony today. Although pigeons can be attractive, these pests are actually a bit of a nuisance to human populations. Pigeon deterrent procedures are frequently used in pest control measures to reduce the risk of disease and property damage that pigeons can cause. Although you may go to great lengths to never feed pigeons, most people inadvertently feed them by dropping grain-rich foods on the ground and leaving the lids of waste bins open. Pigeons share the same dependence on humans for food and shelter as cockroaches and bed bugs do. Pigeons have developed a reliance on grains for survival, which is why they inhabit agricultural sites, feed processing plants, parks, large recreation areas, and restaurants in city centers.

What can pigeons do?

Pigeon contact can pose a small health risk. Pigeon droppings can cause three diseases in humans: histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. Histoplasmosis is a lung disease caused by a fungus that grows in bird droppings and soil. These diseases can lead to a lot of stress during treatment. Usually, pigeons occupy an apartment and leave their feces all over it, which can harbor harmful bacteria. Additionally, it is difficult to thoroughly clean bird poop. It is disturbing that birds on the balcony clap their hands, flutter their feathers at the window, making a noise that only stops at night.

The pigeon lives on the balcony for what reason?

We need to understand why the pigeon flies towards the balcony in the first place. It can be attributed to a number of factors. In spite of the worst weather, a balcony provides shelter from the elements. Since the window tops are wide enough, birds can land and take off easily. On balconies, some people keep food and drink, which attracts pigeons. Traditionally placed on balconies, garbage bins look like old furniture and other household items, and are thus considered a good place by birds for making a nest. In this scenario, it is very likely that the pigeons will fly to the balcony to nest.

What is the best way to push pigeons off a balcony?

Identifying their fears is simple:


A cat is a predatory pet that enjoys hunting birds.
Objects in motion
Noises that are loud and sharp

Knowing these things will help you choose a method that will keep pigeons from attracting your balcony.

Bird repellents sounds

Bird repellents such as ultrasound repellents are available in hardware stores. Birds and animals are adversely affected by the device’s sound, which is not harmful to human ears. Repellents are ultrasonic devices plugged into nets near birds’ favorite spots. They emit a shrill, pungent sound that the birds cannot tolerate. Up to 4 km can be the limit.

Which other method is how to keep pigeons off the balcony??

The moving foil on the window is enough to frighten birds, causing them to lose enthusiasm for sitting on shaky surfaces. This method has the benefit of being able to protect the window from the birds. If you want to keep pigeons away from the windows, you can put a single sheet of moving foil on the windows.

To repel pigeons temporarily, you can put a realistic model of an owl as well as a falcon in your yard. The pigeons will be scared off for a while, and they will stop nesting on the balcony. However, in time the bird will realize it is nothing more than an immovable object, and it will return to its usual place on the balcony. As pigeons are progressive birds that adapt quickly to new methods, their repulsiveness may fade over time.

The creation of negative conditions

Creating unlivable conditions for birds is also a common practice. Use these methods. This is how lubricating windows with oil or petroleum jelly works. By using this method pigeons away from the balcony. As a result, the window sill is significantly contaminated, making it difficult to clean. Hardware stores sell a special adhesive tape with a smooth surface that adheres to the oil principle but leaves no residue on the window screen. Some planks are nailed with hammers. These designs restrict the access of pigeons in certain areas. Barbed wire is sometimes used for this purpose. Folk remedies suggest scattering salt, spices, and herbs on the ground around the pigeon habitat. It is important to keep in mind that you should not store food on your balcony if you want to get rid of annoying pigeons.

An additional method should be used

The eggs should be replaced with other similar items if the pigeon has made a nest on the balcony and is preparing to lay its eggs. Initially, it does not work, but once the pigeon is shown an alternative, he will not return to the balcony, since the birds do not live in places where breeding was impossible. Birds do not usually step into water habitats because they are unfamiliar with them. This watering strategy involves watering window soil and waiting for birds to activate it. Eventually, the birds will remember it as a hostile place to live. Birds are also repelled by the smell of air fresheners with a sharp and pleasant fragrance.

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