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Is it possible to block ads on Android?

Is it possible to block ads on Android?

Our discussion: is it possible to block ads on android?__Many ads appear on Android smartphones even when your internet connection is disabled. Most of the time, these ads are from third-party apps and are very annoying. Whatever Android smartphone you have, Samsung, Oppo, RealMe, Huawei or Xiaomi. With these simple steps, you can block ads without root access or any additional third-party apps.

It can also hide ads on my apps without root access or installing any apps. The solution we are introducing here in this article is capable of removing advertisements from websites in browsers. You can block all annoying Android ads using Private DNS on your Android phone by following these steps:

How to disable ads in Android with Private DNS?

If your device runs Android 9 or higher, follow these steps:
You can access the Private DNS setting from the Settings menu in your Android smartphone (search for “Private DNS” in the Settings menu). You will see three options under Private DNS. Choose Private DNS provider hostname from the list. Type “dns.adguard.com” in the box without quotes when asked for a DNS hostname provider. When you save, very few ads will appear.

In most browsers, including Chrome, UC, Opera, Firefox, and others, you will no longer see ads. You can use AdGuard’s DNS server to block ads without rooting your Android device or installing any ad-blocking applications. Additionally, you can use “dns.adguard.com” if “us.adhole.org” does not work well for you. We have covered this problem so far, but if you are still not satisfied, you can use ad-blocking apps.


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