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Pleasant Journey Of An Ant Into Space

A kid Story Pleasant Journey Of Ant Into Space An Ant Story

Once upon a time, there lived a tiny ant in a very big house. The ant’s name was Tutu. An arch cut into the wall was her home. It was an incredibly hardworking ant. In addition to working all day, she gathered food for herself. At night, she would go into her hole and eat her food comfortably.
Where the hole was, there was a TV. A TV lounge was situated in the room. At night, all the people in the house watched TV and Tutu also watched TV with them, Tutu took her face out of her house hole and watched TV.
Several days ago, Tutu saw a TV report about a trip into space. Tutu was very fond of a moon in space.
Tutu decided to go into space with humans the day they went into space.

On that day, Tutu soon went to the Nasa, where the astronauts began to get ready to go into space; they carried with them oxygen, water, food, and all the things they needed. After a while, Tutu sits comfortably in the spaceship as it starts to ascend with a loud noise. At first, Toto felt dizzy and felt like an earthquake was coming. The brightness had turned into darkness. And there were countless tiny stars twinkling like fireflies everywhere.
Wonderful….! .. What a beautiful sight! The sun was shining only on the earth while the sky looked like it was far away, but it was the earth. In an attempt to see the moon, Tutu hurriedly flew out of his hole-shaped burrow.
Dear children, because the spaceship was now out of Earth’s orbit; where there was no gravity at all, Tutu was now flying lightly in the air instead of crawling on the ground, and thinking, Wow!!
I’m flying without wings. Forward motion was maintained by the spaceship. At the same time, Tutu was also swinging in the spaceship. Even the astronauts controlling the ship did not realize that Tutu, a tiny ant, was traveling with them; from their conversations, Tutu knew they were close to the moon.

Pleasant Journey Of Ant Into Space An Ant Story
As soon as they landed on the moon, all astronauts wore thick, white clothes when they landed.
As she remembered that she did not have the clothes of an astronaut, Tutu went into the clothes of an astronaut and looked out of the mirror in front of her head. All of them got down to the surface of the moon, one by one. Tutu was excited because she was landing on a ball that seemed to be glistening from the earth. Tutu was surprised to find that the moon was not as visible as the earth when she saw it for the first time. Despite the bright light, there is only a field of blackness, and the moon isn’t visible. When the astronauts talked to each other, Tutu realized that the moon shines when it reflects sunlight, and what everyone had thought was a feature of the moon is actually the large pits that grow when the moon regards Earth. Now Tutu misses her land and her home. After walking on the moon for a while, the astronauts returned to the spaceship because they had to return to Earth. An astronaut said, “Flying a spaceship towards the black hole will also be fun.”. The astronauts giggled at each other as they heard the name of the black hole, but Tutu’s soul died when she realized that her grandfather had told her about dark pits in space called black holes that would swallow everything. Whether it is sun or moon, earth or stars, etc.

A tremble filled Tutu’s body. At the same time, an astronaut said that the black hole is billions of years away from us. It may not be possible to get there. When Tutu heard this, she came to her senses. The spaceship was nearing the earth on its return journey; the beautiful ball-shaped land visible from the window was gradually approaching.
When the spaceship entered Earth’s orbit, it started shaking like an earthquake, and after a while, the spaceship entered Earth’s orbit; at the same time, blue skies and white clouds appeared from the window. As soon as the spaceship landed, the astronauts and Tutu stepped out. People standing outside were applauding these brave astronauts, but they did not know that there was a little ant with them also. It was a very memorable and enjoyable journey for the ant in space. As soon as she left the Nasa, she took a bath, refreshed herself, ate her food, and then started watching TV, where everyone was applauding the astronauts.


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