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The Magpie Bird And Parrot’s Family In a Berries Tree Forest a Kids Story

The Magpie Bird And Parrot’s Family In a Berries Tree Forest a Kids Story

Best Kid Story Of The Magpie Bird And Parrot’s Family

Once upon a time one day, in a forest, there was a bird named Magpie that built a nest on a very large and dense berry tree. So the question comes to mind: where does the berry tree come from in this forest?

Once, a magpie bird flew a long way to another forest. He sat on a berry tree, and when he became hungry, he broke the berry from the tree and ate it, which was very delicious. After eating a berry, the Magpie bird flew back to its forest, dug the ground with its beak, and planted the seed there. The bird watered this place daily until a small plant grew, and gradually it became a big berry tree. Additionally, there is also a parrot family. One day, the youngest parrot of the parrot family, named Sweeto parrot, orders his papa to eat berries.

The papa parrot would go to the nest of the Magpie bird and say, “just listen to me, please give me some berries. In fact, my son, Sweeto Parrot, was very stubborn about eating berries today. So I came to your nest to beg some red sweet berry.” Dear children, Magpie Bird was very kind and sincere. He did not deny any of his neighbors. So the papa parrot brought some sweet red berries from the Magpie bird in his nest and washed them well and fed it to his son.

What did the papa parrot do with the seeds of these berries?

Sweeto’s papa said to Sweeto parrot. In the forest, there is only one berry tree. By burying these seeds in the ground, we will sprout new berries plants that will grow into fully-grown trees. The papa parrot dug a hole in the ground, planted berries seeds in it, covered it with soil, and poured some water. Papa parrot flew back to his nest after work. After a rain in the forest, the little berry plants grew and in time, they became tenacious trees in the forest. So they took care of it and now berries are coming, which are juicer than Magpie birds‘ berries.

Now all the animals of the forest were eating berries from the papa parrot’s berries trees. Due to seedlings, there also many trees were grown and then this forest came to be called the forest of berries.

Conclusion of this kid story the Magpie bird and parrot’s family in a berries tree forest 

We must always help others and take care of our neighbors.


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