Good Deeds Culminate Good Ending Whereas Bad End Badly a Kids Story

A kids Story

An old woman was described as feeding tiny birds while sitting in her yard. Abruptly, the old woman’s eyes caught sight of a tiny sparrow limping on one leg. The old woman took him up and began giving him grain from her hand after bandaging his wound.

Good Deeds Culminate Good Ending Whereas Bad End Badly a Kids Story
In reality, a sparrow and a crow got into a battle in the forest over the crow eating the sparrow’s chick. When the sparrow and the crow got into a battle out of rage, the crow bit the bird in the leg with its sharp beak, severely injuring one of the sparrow’s legs.
The bird’s leg improved daily since the old woman gave it a lot of attention. One day, the sparrow realized her chicks were waiting for her, so it took off ahead of the elderly woman to her nest. As though saying goodbye, the elderly woman gave the bird a smile.
Subsequently, the sparrow came back and placed a seed on the elderly woman’s palm. However, the sparrow quickly took off and never came back.

The old woman began to love the bird and was upset when it flew, but she later planted the seed in the ground, and began to water it every day. One lucky day, a plant emerged from this seed. That plant grew gradually. A large fruit resembling a melon appeared on this shrub one day. With a knife, the old woman chopped the fruit that she had gathered from the plant. After cutting, she discovered that the fruit was loaded with pricey diamonds, if sold on the market, would make the elderly woman quite wealthy.

Good Deeds Culminate Good Ending Whereas Bad End Badly a Kids Story

Within a few days, the impoverished old lady transformed into a very wealthy one. She had become so wealthy that she used to hire someone to cook a large amount of food for the entire city and feed everyone. Because fruits such as melons grown from seeds were in abundance. The old lady made a lot of money by selling it.
Another woman named Lisa lived in the same area as the old woman, and she was very jealous of her since she had grown very wealthy. One day, Lisa approaches the old woman and inquires as to how she came to be so wealthy. The old woman told the whole truth.
Following that, Lisa began to consider getting wealthy. One day, he deceived a bird and caught it in a net. Then she broke the small bird’s leg. He applied medication to the bird’s broken leg. I am waiting for the bird to recover. The bird recovered after a few days, but it was angry, so it flew away.
However, this bird returned to Lisa and left with the seed in her hand. Lisa was overjoyed because she believed she, too, would place the seed in the ground.  Her plant will thrive, and when the fruit ripens, she will become wealthy by selling the diamonds that emerge from the fruit. Lisa buried seed in the the ground and watered it; one day, a plant emerged, bloomed with flowers, and finally a fruit grew the size of a melon.
Liza was ecstatic, and she quickly chopped it with a knife. Instead of diamonds, poisonous snakes and scorpions emerged from the melon. Which began biting Liza as soon as they came out of the melon.

Good Deeds Culminate Good Ending Whereas Bad End Badly a Kids Story

Aim of this Story

Humans and animals alike should always be treated with kindness and respect. Good deeds culminate in good ending, whereas bad deeds end badly.

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