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What Happened with my Website after Google March Core Update 2024?

What Happened with my Website after Google March Core Update 2024?

This incident involves my pal,

His Words

Hi Everyone

I am interested in digital marketing and consider myself a blogger. I recall a date: March 8, 2024, at 12:00 a.m. I was working extremely hard on my website, and when I checked my ranked keywords, I saw nothing on Google SERP. I was so shocked that I decided to check my other Google account, but the issue persisted. I truly get into problems. After updating every blog post, I double-checked. My top-ranked term vanished. I tested my website by putting in ( All of my blog entries are indexed by Google, but I do not see any top-ranking keywords on the SERP. I explored further before realising that the Google March Core Update was currently executing. It was a disaster for me. I have been working since 2020. I checked my Google Search Console, but I did not find any manual action by Google. Actually, on March 5, 2024, this Google Core Update 2024 was begin. On March 8, 2024, my website became affected. Although I am unsure if I was hit by Google or not, I am aware that other bloggers share their concerns regarding the Google Core Update 2024.

Google March Core Update 2024


I also optimised that graph of the Google Search Console, showing all top-ranked keyword drops. It is very disturbing for me. I work so hard to build my online property and work with Semrush to search for quality keywords. Google Update 2024 is now still running, from March 8 to April 8, and now Google takes 1 month. I keep checking back to see whether Google has completed this update; perhaps we can all reclaim our website’s top keyword rank.

Google Core Update 2024

My keyword ranking remained at the top when I examined my 7-day metrics after a month, but I was unable to notice it when I looked at it manually. I also checked my other keywords, and the impressions appeared in the USA, but I also see the same keyword on my search engine results page. I am unable to see the same keywords.

Another thing I am looking into: I changed the Fevicon on my website after commencing the March Core 2024 Update. It has been a month, and I am still seeing my website’s old fevicon on Google SERPs.

Why am I experiencing this?

If your circumstances following the Google Update in March 2024 are similar to mine, kindly leave a remark in the space provided.

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