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Which Is Full Folklore Story Of Momal Rano?

Which Is Full Folklore Story Of Momal Rano?

Full Folklore Story Of Momal Rano From Jaisalmer

Long ago, there lived in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, a princess named Momal Rathore. Momal Rathore built a castle named Kak for herself. She lived there with her seven sisters. Momal was so gorgeous. This is the true myth about  that castle, people would lose their lives and never return home if they set foot in Kak Castle’s magical maze. Rano arrives in Jaisalmer with his friends to hunt. He was a very brave young man. He hears about the Kak Castle and decides to visit it. Rano walks towards Kak Castle. He is very intelligent and brave. He breaks all the spells of Kak Castle and reaches Momal. Momal is very impressed with this intelligence and bravery and accepts to be Rano’s wife.

The next day, Rano promises to return to Jaisalmer after spending one night at Kak Castle. Now the wait begins. In the morning, Momal says goodbye to Rano and starts waiting for him.

Momal’s condition was described by Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai as follows:

“I am sitting, I am watching your path, and I wish you would pass through these trails of my departure again, O traveler, I am compelled that my breath is also with you, otherwise, there are many kings like you.”

In his state of mind, Momal used to walk around the palace, sighing and groaning at night every day.

In Rano’s parting, Momal had no sense of neither eating nor wearing, nor was Momal sleepy, and Kak Castle was also becoming desolate. Momal was just falling deeply in love with Rano. Momal’s sisters were upset to see this condition of Momal and a trick to entertain Momal. In front of Momal, a sister dressed as a man and became Rano, claiming to be her sister. Momal laughed and said, You do not make me fool, but that night the two sisters shared one bed. Consequently, Rano arrived at the same time. Rano sees in the dark that Momal has another man with her, while she is Momal’s sister, which is masculine. Momal has betrayed me. After leaving Momal’s room, he puts his stick outside. The following morning, Momal awoke to see Rano’s stick. She felt pain, stopped eating and drinking, and died within a few days.

According to Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai, Momal has the following condition:

There were fourteen moons during your reign, but not a single snack was in my stomach, and my eyes did not see food. Let Rano know Momal has died.

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