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Is There a Question Word Associated With Time?

Is There a Question Word Associated With Time?

Time-Related Question Words

During our daily conversations, we ask each other many questions.
Many sentences in interrogative sentences indicate time.

A good example would be


  • Ahmed, when did you wake up?
    Ahmed says. I woke up early in the morning.
  • Maryam, when do you go to college?
    Maryam says, I go to college in the evening.
  • Ali, when have you eaten?
    Ali says, I have eaten at 8 pm.
  • When do you all sleep?
    We all sleep at 10 o’clock at night.
  • When will Naila go back to her home?
    Naila will return to her home after two days.
  • When will Sara take a bath?
    Sara says she will take a bath in the evening.
  • The students ask the teacher when the final date of the exam will be.
    The teacher says. The exam date will be announced in the last days of the month.

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