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Can Rabbits Eat Cat Food?

I am an animal lover; I have a cat and I also have some rabbits that live in a place, there is a sand floor in my house. They dig holes inside the sand lived there but occasionally go outside from their holes to eat their food; I feed them mostly green or fresh green leaves, plants and vegetables but the problem is when I feed my cat her cat food, rabbit also tries to eat the cat food. I don’t know; he likes the cat food or not, but he quit after eating a little and started eating their grass again. I am concerned about the cat food making my rabbit sick. So I want to know, does cat food can make my rabbit sick?

Can Rabbits Eat Cat Food?

While rabbits are herbivores who thrive on a diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and rabbit-specific pellets, they may consume small amounts of cat food occasionally. Cat food, on the other hand, should not be a regular part of a rabbit’s diet because it is not formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Cat Food?

Cat food typically contains higher levels of protein and fat than rabbits require, which may cause health problems if fed to rabbits regularly. It may contain ingredients that are harmful to rabbits, such as artificial preservatives and flavorings. As a result, it is best to feed rabbits a balanced diet.

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