Disinfect Carpet or How do we deep clean carpet by hand?

How do we deep clean carpet by hand?

Our discussion is how do we deep clean carpet by hand?____Shoes, spills, pets, and other things can cause carpet to soil. Although we must take the time to keep it clean, it provides so much warmth and comfort underfoot. Carpets, rugs, and wall-to-wall carpets can all benefit from frequent vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning. Here are a few tips and tricks to help make cleaning carpet easier and help keep it clean longer. You should vacuum at least once per week, more frequently if you have pets or children. Spots and stains should be cleaned promptly. You should at least twice a year hire a professional carpet cleaner or perform a deeper clean yourself. Here we explain some handy method to clean the carpet.

Which Materials we want to deep clean carpet by hand?

Distilled white vinegar
Baking soda
Table salt
Powder Detergent
Soft cloth
Mix all and make a thick liquid

When you plan to wash the carpet thoroughly, take it out of the room and spread it on the ground. Using the soap solution, soften the grease and stains on the carpet, then scrub with a brush until all the stains are softened and removed…. for drain the soap solution by pouring more water with the help of the water pipe. Use the wiper to remove the soap solution until clean water start coming out ….wipe with the wiper on the whole carpet, take out the whole water and hang this carpet on a wall … After hanging on the wall, if you see any dirt, then again you can sprout a water with water pipe and let the water flow so that the soil flows out and leave the carpet hanging on the wall so that all the water comes out and the carpet dries ….

What to do if selected part of the carpet needs to be washed?

If only one part of the carpet is stained and this place needs to be washed, leave soap solution on that part and let the stain soften as it will soften and clear quickly ….. After applying the solution for some time, then rub the area with the brush until the stain is clear. Take a soft cloth and soak the whole soap solution in this cloth and wash it with clean water then soak and wash with clean water again…. this procedure to be done until the stain and soapy water is completely gone.

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