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Here Are The Top Sad Writing Prompts

Here Are The Top Sad Writing Prompts

Sad Writing Prompts

  • Situation No 1

“It’s time to stop
I am not interested in any of your work. If you wish to leave, you can do so.”

  • Situation No 2

“I’m in love with someone else, so please leave me alone and live your own life.”

  • Situation No 3

“All night I worried whether he loved me or if his heart was out of love for me.”

  • Situation No 4

“As I was leaving, I wondered if he would stop me, perhaps he would tell me to stop and said “I couldn’t live without you”. But he didn’t say anything to me. He just happily say good bye.”

  • Situation No 5

“Because you are a childless seems like you are a burden on the earth”. Someone said to her

  • Situation No 6

“The table was full, but no one invited Adam to eat with them because Adam was the step-son in that house.”

  • Situation No 7

“People thought he kept quiet because he had a habit of staying quiet, but no one knew he lacked confidence. It was impossible for him to speak among ten people, but he hesitated any time he tried.”

  • Situation No 8

“This is a very stylish outfit because the person who wears it will sound very good, but it won’t make you look very beautiful because your face is very ugly and stylish clothes are not made for such a face.”

  • Situation No 9

“He opened his lunch box and took bread for lunch and started eating it with baked potatoes along with bread. All the boys in the class started laughing because his lunch box was not include delicious food. They laughed because he was poor and couldn’t afford expensive food, but in reality, he was really very poor.”

  • Situation No 10

“The stove in my kitchen is not in place at my new house, so I can’t cook anything. I hope the neighbour will send me food.” I knocked on the neighbour’s door, but sadly the neighbor replied behind the door, “Sorry, we are not aware of you, so please do not bother us.”

  • Situation No 11

“It is easy to get rid of love but it is very difficult to get rid of a habit. When someone’s love becomes a habit, it hurts when they leave.”

  • Situation No 12

“My son, whom I taught to walk by holding his finger at the beginning of his crawling, today left me alone.”

  • Situation No 13

“As he comes back home, I gaze at his face, hoping he will smile at me, however he passes me with his mobile phone plugged into his ear. Old age is probably synonymous with loneliness.”

Here we jot down some sad writing prompts


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