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How to Hang Skateboard on Wall?

How to Hang Skateboard on Wall?

Why Did I Feel the Skateboard Need to Hang?

Actually, yesterday I left my skateboard on the porch of my house to go to college. After I left, my father came walking on the porch, and he hit my skateboard on the ground of the porch. As a result, my father fell off my skateboard, which I am very sorry for. Now I’m thinking I’ll never put my skateboard on the ground. This action of mine may become painful for others. Now I will hang my skateboard on the wall. But I’m wondering what ways I can adapt the skateboard to the wall. There are different ways to hang a skateboard on a wall, depending on whether you want to mount it vertically, horizontally, or with wheels. Some of the methods are:

  1. Using Fishing Line:
    • Step 1: Remove the Trucks: Turn your skateboard on its side and use pliers to hold one of the bolts on one of the trucks in place. Insert a screwdriver into the corresponding screw on the top side of the board and twist it until the screw is completely out. Repeat this for the other truck.
    • Step 2: Feed the Fishing Line: Locate the two screw holes closest to one end of the skateboard deck. Cut about 1 foot (0.30 meters) of fishing line and feed one end through one hole, then back towards you through the other hole.
    • Step 3: Tie a Knot: Tie a knot with the ends of the fishing line. Make sure it’s secure.
    • Step 4: Hang It Up: Hammer a nail into the wall where you want to hang the skateboard. Hook the fishing line onto the nail. You can also use wall hooks to avoid making holes in the wall.
  2. Using Wall Mounts:
    • Wall mounts provide a clean and stylish way to display your skateboard. They make it look like the deck is floating on the wall. Here’s how:
      • Step 1: Get skateboard wall mounts.
      • Step 2: Install the mounts according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
      • Step 3: Slide your skateboard deck into the mounts.
      • Step 4: Admire your deck as it hangs elegantly on the wall.
  3. Using a Rope:
    • If your skateboard deck is retired and you want to keep those memories alive, this method is for you:
      • Step 1: Cut a 25-inch (64 cm) piece of thick rope.
      • Step 2: Tie knots on each end of the rope and burn them to prevent fraying.
      • Step 3: Mark where you want to hang the skateboard on your wall.
      • Step 4: Hang the skateboard by looping the rope over a nail or hook.

Remember to choose a method that suits your style and complements your space. Happy skateboarding (even if it’s just on your wall)!

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