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Which theme does papa’s parrot follow?

Which theme does papa’s parrot follow?

What is the theme of Papa’s Parrot?

Cynthia Rylant (born June 6, 1954) is an American author, novelist, and librarian. She portrayed to the reader through this simple story, Papa’s parrot, the importance of fathers attending to their children during their childhood, accompanying them on every occasion, and explaining the ups and downs in their lives. The father becomes lonely as his son grows up and forgets him instead of paying attention to him. In this story, Cynthia emphasizes the importance of time and attention. When Harry was a child, Mr. Trillian provided Harry with a lot of attention and love.

I understand Synthia’s Rylant message about time, love, and care in this story.

What is the Summary Of Papa’s Parrot Story?

When Cynthia published a story in the 1985 issue of the magazine “Every Living Thing,” it quickly gained a large following. The father who loves his son dearly is the story’s major character. Mr. Trillian is the name of the father, and Harry is the name of the son. In his shop, Mr. Trillian offers candies and nuts. Every day his son returned from school as he worked in his shop selling goods. Harry was delighted to see his father when he was with his pals. While walking, he would be in front of his father’s shop with his friends and stop there.

It was a great pleasure for Mr. Trillian to see his son. Although he was with his friends, Mr. Trillian still paid him attention & love. As Harry grew up, he became more social, spending more time with his friends and less time with his family. While passing in front of his father’s shop, he did not even look at his father’s face & walked with laughing with his friends. This greatly offended Mr. Trillian. Every day, Harry ignored his father’s eyes. Now, Harry is periodically busy purchasing CDs of his favorite music and occasionally plays video games with his friends.

Currently, Mr. Trillian felt depressed and alone. He bought a talking parrot to overcome his loneliness. Eventually, Mr. Trillian’s parrot became accustomed to him. One day after experiencing chest pain, Mr. Trillian suffered a heart attack. His shopmates picked him up and rushed him to the hospital. Harry also visited his father at the hospital as soon as he could. He saw that Mr. Trillian missed his shop and parrot. He was very sad about it. After seeing his father’s concern, Harry visits the store to offer supplies to customers. He notices that the parrot is circling Harry and asks him, “Where is the one I forgot?”.

It surprises Harry that the parrot repeats the same words over and over again in front of Harry. That Mr. Trillion repeated the same word again and again in the past when he missed Harry at his shop. Having heard the words repeatedly, the parrot learned & now also repeating in front of Harry. Harry was very sad because he had really ignored his father. His father was really alone. At that time, he want to finish his work immediately at the shop and went to meet his father.

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