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How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

How to Hide Likes on Twitter?

Say goodbye to like anxiety

Are you tired of feeling pressured to like every post on Twitter? Do you feel like your likes are constantly being scrutinized by your followers? Fear not, there is a solution to your like anxiety. By hiding your likes on Twitter, you can browse and engage with content without the added pressure of public acknowledgement. In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through the steps to hide your likes on Twitter and help ease your mind.

The ultimate guide to hiding likes on Twitter

Step 1: Access your Twitter account settings

To begin, click on the three dots located at the bottom of your profile picture and select “Settings and privacy.” From there, click on “Privacy and safety” and scroll down to “Safety.” You should see an option to “Tweet privacy.” Click on this and make sure your account is set to “Protect your Tweets.” This will allow you to control who sees your tweets and likes.

Step 2: Turn off likes visibility

Now, you need to turn off your likes visibility. To do this, go to “Settings and privacy” again and click on “Privacy and safety.” Scroll down to “Safety” and click on “Privacy.” Here, you will see an option to “Hide likes.” Turn this on and voila! Your likes will now be hidden from public view.

Step 3: Manage your activity

You can also manage your activity on Twitter by clicking on “Your Twitter data” in the “Settings and privacy” menu. From here, you can download your Twitter data, view your activity, and manage your interests. This will allow you to control what information is shared about you on Twitter and ensure your privacy is protected.

Hiding your likes on Twitter is a simple and effective way to reduce like anxiety and maintain your privacy. By following these steps, you can take control of your activity and engage with content on your own terms. So, what are you waiting for? Start hiding your likes today and enjoy a more stress-free Twitter experience.

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