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Is It Possible for Fibroids to Reduce With Hot Water Drinking?

Is It Possible for Fibroids to Reduce With Hot Water Drinking?

One of my pals is gloomy, childless, and has a mild symptom of heavy monthly bleeding. She visited a gynecologist, who diagnosed her symptoms. Following a pelvic ultrasound, the doctor identified a little fibroid in the patient’s uterine inner wall. This news profoundly disturbs my female friend. I also looked for her home remedy, such as hot water consumption for fibroid reduction. I decided to put this essay in writing.

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths that form inside the uterus. There are a few frequent myths regarding their care, despite the fact that they are widespread and afflict many women during their reproductive years.

The experiment of drinking hot water

I would like to share this experiment with you that has to do with my friend. My pal skipped breakfast and started the morning with a glass of hot water. She was following the same routine on a regular basis, but regrettably, her issue persisted. There was still a little fibroid in the uterine lining. The fibroid cannot be cured until she visits and takes her fibroid medication. It demonstrates that hot water is ineffective in treating any fibroid. However, hot water therapy did help her lose weight. Her stomach has shrunk as a result of drinking hot water every morning.

It is possible that some women find that drinking hot water can help repair uterine fibroids. There are differences in women’s bodies from one another. However, each patient with fibroid disease tries it once; perhaps it is a body’s way of curing itself.

At last, my acquaintance took the exact number of tablets as prescribed by the physician, her fibroid decreased. She is currently in good health.


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