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Seedling Without Soil

Growing Seed Without Soil or Seedling Without Soil

Very small seeds

When people plant seeds, they worry about whether the seeds will germinate or not. This problem is exacerbated when we plant a seed that is very small in size, such as pepper, tomato, eggplant, etc. Usually, when we plant peppers, tomatoes, or eggplants, many seedlings do not grow, very few seedlings grow or sometimes no seed grows at all.

How will very small seeds and big seeds grow?

Today I will show you a method by which you can grow seeds without soil. When the seed sprouts, it must be planted in the soil. Now the seed you plant in the soil will grow one hundred percent. it’s luck by chance. Your troubles will end.
Another thing is that you can grow not only small seeds but also large seeds in this way. But most of the big seeds germinate easily by growing in the soil, so it is better that you grow big seeds in the soil and germinate small seeds in this way, which we describe in this article. and then plant them in the soil.

Seedling without soil

How do grow seeds without soil?

So all you have to do is take a tissue paper and then fold the tissue paper on both sides, fold it twice, once from top to bottom and once from right to left. Now you have to take small seeds which you want to seedling without soil. For example, take tomato seeds. Now put those tomato seeds in tissue paper. Not all at once have to be placed at short distances. Then fold that tissue paper again from right to left. Now you have to wet that tissue paper well with water. When you wet the tissue paper, you have to take a shopper. Which is sealed from above. Neither air nor moisture can get in or out of it. If you can’t find the right shopper, take the normal shopper, And put wet tissue paper inside that shopper. This is to be done quickly so that your tissue paper does not dry out. Place the tissue paper in the plastic shopper and tie the shopper tightly. The knot should be tied in such a way that neither moisture nor air can go in or out.
Keep this shopper in one of the warmest places in your home. But be careful not to place this shopper in direct sunlight. You can keep it in a drawer or in a storeroom or in a place that is naturally warm. Natural means don’t put it in the oven. Now you have to open the shopper and see those seeds two days later.

What to do after rooting?

If any of them have a seedling without soil, take out the root seed and plant it in the soil. But you have to be very careful not to break the root of the seed. If your seed does not take root, it does not matter if you put the tissue back in the shopper. And look at it every day. Within a week your seeds will take root or it may take longer.
When you see that the roots have come out, apply it in a well-fertilized soft soil with proper water and care. The roots will spread more, the leaves will come out and the plant will grow more.

How do we grow seeds without soil?

Is sun essential for plants?

In gardening, we take care of many things like fertilizer, soil, water, good seeds. But at the same time, we forget to pay attention to one of the most important components, which is the sun.
An adequate amount of sunshine is very important for plants … If our plants get sun for five or six hours continuously, then there is a significant difference in their growth.

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