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Which Is The Full Folklore Story Of Noori Jam Tamachi?

Which Is The Full Folklore Story Of Noori Jam Tamachi?

Which Is The Full Folklore Story Of Noori Jam Tamachi?

Lake Kenjhar is located 122 kilometers from Karachi. This is Pakistan’s second largest freshwater lake. Karachi, Pakistan, relies on it for water supply. It is located in Thatta and is very beautiful. This is a popular recreational area in Sindh. Many people come here on Sundays and public holidays. Motorboat tours are also popular here. It appears that this shrine is floating on the surface of the lake because it is located in the middle of the lake. The construction of a shrine in a lake about 50 feet deep is considered a masterpiece of civil engineering. Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai, the Sufi poet of Sindh, mentions in his mystical writings the love story of Noori Jam Tamachi associated with this shrine.

The Full Folklore Story Of Noori Jam Tamachi

Lake Keenjhar once had an ancient fishing village inhabited by many fishermen. These people were mostly boatmen. Women caught fish in this lake and sold them. As a result, everyone from the fishermen’s settlement came to see the beautiful daughter born in a fisherman’s house. The town chief decided to name her Noori after he saw the girl’s radiant and beautiful face. Her beauty increased as she got older. She contracted leprosy in her youth due to the evil eye of the people. As a result, she hid her face from everyone. There once was an old man who was hungry and passed through this town. When Noori saw him, she opened the door for him and told her mother. He explained the situation to her mother. Noori was told to come and stay. There was a deep love between Noori and her elders. Her father allowed him to stay in the house and sat them respectfully. Soon after, she prepared food for him and served it. Noori remained covered with a large sheet. He was a good servant of Allah, and Sahib Kashf was an elder. When he finished eating, he asked Noori why she was standing like this with her face, hands, and feet covered. Why was she doing this? As well as trying to avoid it, he said with great sadness, “Baba ji, I have leprosy. I hide my face, hands, and feet from everyone.” I don’t know when I will die.” “Daughter, who says you have leprosy?” the elders asked when they heard the response. He read something while saying this and breathed on Noori from afar. His breath was so powerful that it totally healed Noori’s face, hands, and feet, as well as the rest of his body, and the leprosy spots vanished. She not only became the light of the past after that, but she also became a symbol of her beauty, and anybody who saw her fell under her spell.

Which Is The Full Folklore Story Of Noori Jam Tamachi?

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Jam Unar, a lord of the Sama dynasty, controlled Sindh during this time. Allauddin Khilji, the king of India, attacked Sindh, conquered the fort of Bhakkhar, and kidnapped Jam Unar and his entire family and transported them to his capital, Delhi. After Jam Unar died in prison, Allauddin Khilji called Jam Unar’s son, Prince Jam Khairuddin alias Jam Tamachi, and ordered him to disband immediately and take over the rule of Sindh in addition to his tribe’s chiefship. Jam Tamachi cemented his dominance over Sindh after returning to Bhakkhar. One day, while staying in Thatta, he was walking in a boat on Lake keenjhar when he accidentally saw Noori. Seeing her beautiful face, he became mad at her at first sight, and on the same day, he went back to Bhakkhar. When he came to his palace and lay down on the bed, Noori’s beautiful eyes and charming face robbed him peace and tranquility. Eventually, Jam Tamachi decided that he would marry Noori. Her interlocutors and close associates tried hard to convince him, not to marry Noori. But caste and Noori’s low standard, had no place in front of Noori’s beauty. Jam Tamachi summoned Noori’s relatives to his palace and asked for Noori’s relationship. Noori’s relatives immediately agreed, considering the king’s son-in-law as their fortune. In return, in the past, the tax collected from fishermen by this place was waived by the order of Jam Tamachi, after which the days of the poor fishermen returned and they began to live a life of peace and tranquility.

The wedding date was fixed and on the appointed day, Noori came to the palace as the queen of Jam Tamachi. After the marriage, she found out that the king was married and he already had seven wives in the palace. Jam Tamachi ordered all wives to obey and submit, which became obligatory of Noori. But after that, all wives became jealous of Noori and started looking for ways to harm her and bring her down from the king’s sight. On the other hand, the king’s courtiers and palace servants also refused to accept her as queen just because she was the daughter of a poor fisherman. Jam Tamachi, while expressing his displeasure over this, not only paid homage to Noori in the palace but also introduced her to the Jam Tamachi, while expressing his displeasure over this, not only paid homage to Noori in the palace but also introduced her to the people of Thatta as the “Maharani” of the Sama family. Noori had a simple heart, she treated her seven sisters with respect and dignity while taking special care of the needs of the courtiers and servants. But on the contrary, the seven Begums, along with their servants, conspired against Noori in an attempt to discredit the king. Despite this, Jam Tamachi had a great desire for her in his heart.

One day the courtiers and the big ladies told Jam Tamachi that every third day Noori’s brother comes to the palace, and she fills the wooden box with jewels and money. The king was shocked to hear this and temporarily became suspicious of the new queen. Instead of relying on the servants or the courtiers, when she investigated the allegation herself, she found that Noori did not like the food of the palace, whereas before marriage she used to eat fish and its bones. Her brother brings fish and bones for her. in a wooden box, which she eats and returns. The king was greatly disturbed by the lying of his wives, and the love of Noori grew in his heart more than ever. But Noori was so shocked that she survived for a short time after the incident. After her death, Jam Tamachi buried her in the middle of the lake and built a mausoleum on the surface, which is a masterpiece of architectural art. Jam Tamachi is also buried in the same tomb next to Noori, hence the name Noori Jam Tamachi. Most of the tourists who come from far flung parts of Pakistan to enjoy this lake also visit the shrine of Noori Jam Tamachi by boat.

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